After just three days of negotiations, Saudi Arabia and Iran have normalized relations and now Assad is in the UAE sharing warm words with its leader. Zionists coping harder than they were following their defeat to Hezbollah lmfao

This follows tensions for years between Saudi Arabia and the US. The world’s top oil producers are increasingly siding with China

Lets not sell this achievement short. There were almost certainly intense back channel efforts and negotiations to pull this diplomatic coup off. It’s difficult to put into words exactly how much work it is to get everyone on the same page before you pull them together for a meeting to officiate new political realities. I’ve been involved with these kinds of things on an infinitesimally smaller scale stitching together local communist groups previously cleaved off from each other by sectarian divisions. Its taken me a long time just to get a hearing with some of them, groups with virtually no serious political differences at all, let alone two state authorities that have been divided by deep seated religious and military conflict.

Pax Sinica 2.0

*Pax Sina

I would wager for this name

Any chance they might broker a good deal for Palestine? Would be interesting to see.


Israel will not abide by anything they do not like, and they do not like the idea of an independent Palestine. More realistically, if things somehow do go wrong between SA and Isr., like if dementia Joe fucks around and finds out, SA will begin to side with Palestine more to “pressure” Israel into conceding stuff to them (SA).

That’s what I thought too. Israel certainly won’t accept an independent Palestine on its own, but I figured since western influence is waning (and China is thankfully accelerating that waning), it may be possible to pressure Israel into conceding.

I’m remaining cautiously optimistic, and hoping for a positive development.

That’d be the dream. It’d be challenging but worth it.

Something something nothing in decades something decades in weeks

The empire is the constipation of history

you love to see it

Tomorrow: “BREAKING: Chinese scientists announce invention of a spaceship that can travel faster than the speed of light”


I can’t wait to see the epic levels of copium we’ll see once China starts getting energy from its fusion reactor program.

They’re already so divorced from reality that China could build a space elevator and start developing a low-orbit tourism industry and libs would look up at the platforms in the sky and the livestreams and explain to you how it’s all fake with deadpan sincerity.

“that’s not a space elevator it’s actually a giant CCP mind control antenna”

“Bu-bu-but its FAKE! The SEE-SEE-MAI-PEE-PEE cardboard cutouts!1”

KiG V2

Times are good.

March 2023 is the best month the communist movement has had in decades ngl

the best month… so far

Inshallah April 2023 will be in the history books

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