Japanese army:

10 young people

3 members of the weeb foreign legion (the others couldn’t fit inside a plane)


Sons of imperial Japanese officers who partook in the rape of nanjing

shit i’d be surprised if Japan even has a remaining young male population to wage war with by then

Bruh they couldn’t beat pre-WW2 China in the middle of civil war, what are they gonna do now💀

Don’t forget that they had Korea, Manchuria, and a vast overseas empire to support their war effort. Today they have Nintendo and 5 men of military age to fight a war.

Yup, everyone is old

They couldn’t even win against a semi-feudal China. What kind of meth are they smoking thinking they could do anything to a near hegemonic super-power

What kind of meth are they smoking

not meth, schoolgirl panties

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Does it tho?

removed by mod

Probably not so much the morning after or if you get addicted i bet

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Jesse get back to the lab and finish the batch, it’s worth nothing if you smoke it all you junkie!


It’s all fun and games until the grass is staring at you.

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Crystal one probably

Bring it the fuck on you loli panty sniffers! You’ll get your kawaii ass handed to you by real soldiers.

tfw you get atomized by a ballistic missile even though you trained like goku for months


Because anime is full of Mary sues that would die immediately if their plot armour is taken away

Except Natsuki Subaru, who dies anyway. (But it’s okay because he goes back in time and respawns every time he dies!)

Please Kim resurrect Mao

Comrades it’s time to learn how to say “I surrender and will help you” in Chinese. I’m not even joking, as much as we want to avoid a war, and China wants to avoid a war, this is the only tool Washington knows to use when their influence declines. And it’s been declining for too long. You think there won’t be a war? Unlikely. The imperial core coaxed Russia into invading Ukraine.

I’m gonna start carrying one of my copies of Quotations from Mao in case any PLA paratroopers start landing.

we gonna end up like that one american soldier who fled a concentration camp, met a soviet division and just ran at them screaming “amerikanski tovarisch”

Even if you don’t manage to learn that phrase, hands up with a white flag, no backpack, no trenchcoat or anything else that looks like you can be hiding something, etc., then they should follow international protocol and take you prisoner. They’ll get a translator for when they are ready to talk.

Though it will help if you can manage that phrase.


why in 2027 though

I read the article and there isn’t anything like “Japan wants to attack China in 2027”, the date is the date when they will finish their 5 year armed forces expansion plan.

Aggression on China is implied but as part of USA attack, and as such if it happens, it will happen much earlier since even USA analysts say the China will have military advantage over USA in 2025 (i guess they mean defensive war since Pacific is quite big obstacle).

Most likely all this shit is tied to the same USA pivoting to China which was very recently discussed here about Australia, where US is basically openly threatening Australia into sabotaging their own interest and politics else there will be “consequences”.

100% chance that Japanese politicians heard the same thing with carrot dangled being probably the same thing as ever - the resources of Manchuria freely to exploit after US victory (joke on them, US would never keep that promise).


In reality, this means committing to outspending every other state except the US and China by 2027. They can enter all the contracts they want to that end, but most of those orders will not be fulfilled till years later. By that point it’ll be too late. This is another mad dash to increase profits before capitalism disintegrates. In the same way that oil companies have pushed up prices, knowing the clock is ticking.

Edit: as for why? Why would arms manufacturers try to ramp up profits of they know the end is near and that money won’t mean anything? (1) They’re still in the race and (2) they correlate an increasing share price with a healthy system, so they’re in denial.

I was thinking at first this is some The Onion material. My only question is WHY?

They are pretty much a vassal state of the US so most likely it is because the US asked them to do it.

Okinawa base screams that, but do these vassal states have literally 0 brains or will of their own?

I remember reading that either South Korea or Japan wanted to scale back US’ military imposition on them at one point but after a visit by Obama and a warning by him they decided to completely backtrack. I can’t find the details for it because Google is being useless.

Google loves hiding. Try Yandex, or any Searx instance, they have low to no filtering.

I actually laughed so hard that I cried when I read this. Thank you so much.

China won against Japan once, it can win twice

Do they really need to learn their lesson again?


Context: This version of Godzilla is the first Godzilla that is incarnated from the restless souls of the victims of WWII.

Those dead eyes… poor Baragon

Tbh I always root got this G. Clearly cosmicly pissed off and for good reason.

Japan wants to get their shit pushed in in 2027 more like it. The fucking feds themselves have stated Chinas military will surpass the US by 2025 to a degree the US will never be able to catch up. Imagine waiting till 2 year AFTER China surpasses the capabilities of the world’s largest military to want to provoke them.

(This isn’t a rant against your comment. It is a rant. But more of a general rant, following from your mention of the 2025 cut-off date.)

Do you think it really is two years. I’m no tactician, but considering how long were the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, and the length of the war in Ukraine, the US would achieve very little in China in 21 months.

Even if a war broke out tomorrow, China is unlikely to put it’s military tech plan on hold just to be polite. The only thing that’s going to stop China now is nuking all the major cities. If the US does that while somehow preventing China from doing the same to the US, then Russia and the DPRK are likely to nuke the US anyway, because they’ll know that they’re next and all restraint goes out the window at that point.

Tbh I think this 2025 figure is just US capital trying to shore up share prices. They already know they’ve been left dead in the water. They’re just committed to the same old pretend-everything’s-okay routine while secretly preparing to ride out the next crisis.

The difference this time is that there is no next time for capital. Once US imperialism falls, there won’t be another imperialism as the CPC is ready to fill the vacuum. If e.g. Germany, France, or the UK try to step up, they’ll be laughed at without the US military in the background. All those failed revolutions in the global south will suddenly succeed without the US standing guard.

The best the capitalists can hope for is that Xi dies and China unravels itself in the same way as Alexander the Great’s empire. I give China a lot more credit than that, though.

The best the capitalists can hope for is that Xi dies and China unravels itself in the same way as Alexander the Great’s empire. I give China a lot more credit than that, though.

Yeah China has had plenty of stable elections and Xi’s replacement will likely come to power peacefully and do just fine. The CPC is pretty stable internally, more so than either mainstream US party internally, which are both experiencing a serious identity crisis.

Oh I agree for the most part. I think the 2025 date, while being originally predicted back in 2015,is more of a “this is the last possible chance the US would have at going toe to toe” of sorts. I don’t think anyone wins at this point but as 2025 closes in I think it goes from MAD to the US fails completely as Chinas capabilities go into “We can now completely (or at least near completely) put down any initial assault you try and will own the retaliation. We no longer have to play nice.”

This is exactly why US wants things with China to pop off ASAP. They themselves know and cannot deny the decline of their empire, and simultaneously they cannot deny China’s rise. That fact alone guarantees there will be a point that once reached, the US has no shot of taking down China.

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