Britain supplying depleted uranium rounds to Ukraine
Exclusive: British tanks gifted to Ukraine will come equipped with controversial depleted uranium rounds, it has emerged.

More multi-generational genocide for more people, cool. Fucking cool NATO. Every country we’ve been at war with since and including Vietnam not enough?

Actually saw this before hopping onto Lemmygrad today. Came on here to post this update to the war if someone else didn’t already beat me to it. But yeah, sick and fucking tired of NATO. The things I wish for those war criminals will get me in trouble even here if I posted it.

And this is on top of the still-visible effects from the 90s economic collapse and the increasing pollution by various sources. Several people I know personally had noted their sinuses and throats “suddenly” felt much clearer after leaving the city and visiting places outside - i.e. mountains in Kazakhstan

Tungsten too expensive for Ukraine or something?

they aint paying

The West is doing everything it can to see actual evil Russians after Putin is gone from Kremlin, and they will pray for him to be back. That’s all I’m gonna say about this…

If someone even slightly worse than Putin was in power currently(worse by westoid thinking), Ukronazis would be exterminated and westoids fried by this point💀

they will pray for him to be back

Many will. Including the current crop of libs

Definitely don’t look up Fallujah birth defects. I am being incredibly serious here. Just let your imagination run because it will be far less horrific than the reality.

There’s no way to describe the use of uranium munitions short of pure fucking evil.

deleted by creator

using nuclear weapons on areas they consider part of their own country
really shows how much the wholesome Ukrainian government and army cares about the civilians in the east

The Kaffe

They want to ensure that the people of Donbas suffer for an eternity for failing to be Ukrainian enough

So, NATO will now sell nuclear weapons to Ukraine.

That is some huge scalation.

I hope Russia keep it smart.

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