liberal has the worst cover-up of sinophobia, asked to leave the internet ☠️

more anticommie infighting plz


When liberals talk about human rights, a clarifying question is who do they consider human?

“the chinese government is allegedly oppressing the Uyghur minority, which is why we need to blow up the three gorges dam”

“Guys it’s ok to be racist, but you’re a bit too racist”

Also obligatory:

“Why there is so many nazis in my antiauthoritarian thread”

“Please only do the acceptable amount of racism. I don’t want people to think I am an asshole. I am, but I don’t want anyone thinking that”

That dril tweet about turning the racism dial slowly while looking back at crowd for approval.

Happy cake day!

Thanks, the GZD quarantine made a bunch of us join lemmygrad around this timeframe and it worked out great.

The mechanic shark dude has a video about kekistan on his channel lol

Lil Kitai

I’m sooo happy and grateful that some edgy and ironically-racist whiteboys from Wisconsin cares about my wellbeing!

Racism goes hand-to hand with anti-communism, Imagine my shock

for future reference, this type of content belongs in /c/shitreactionariessay


posts racist content

Acts surprised and aghast at further racist comments

Like clockwork

God that song sucks.

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