AI is just dirty cheap intellectual labor. If you are not concerned about people hiring other people to do x (post comments, whatever), then you should only be slightly concerned about AI making that orders of magnitude more feasible to do.

This is literally my worst nightmare

It is highly unlikely that users on the internet will be completely replaced by AI bots in the foreseeable future. While AI technology is advancing rapidly, it still lacks the complex decision-making and reasoning skills that humans possess. Additionally, human interaction and creativity play a vital role in many aspects of the internet, from content creation to customer service. Therefore, it is safe to assume that humans will continue to be an integral part of the internet ecosystem for the foreseeable future.

Did you copy/paste this from GPT as a joke?

(if not, please receive this compliment that your writing is extremely clear and decisive).

And yet it would make already difficult conversations even more so and open a door for horrible emotional and other forms of psychological abuse.

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