What a journey it has been.

To be quite honest, this was the first time I tried something like that.

I suddenly stopped posting with the alt because I had more pressing matters to take care of, and then I kinda forgot about it. So I figured, it’s now March, this has been going on since January, we need to finish this thing.

Strangely, not many people actually got the alt. Many were on the right track, but then accused someone else or didn’t make the leap to actually saying it outright.

I wasn’t sure how difficult this would be, and that’s why as time went on I gave away more and more information (such as the two questions answered). Still, I’m glad that many people knew to look at the alt account closely, even if they didn’t accuse it. It shows healthy scepticism.

In fact, only two people outright came up and pointed out the alt specifically as their choice. This means they would be the two winners, and in fact I’d already contacted them about it privately.

That’s right, the thing that seemed to trip most people up was that I didn’t confirm or deny accusations publicly.

But if you remember from the OG post, I said the hunt would end when I ran out of keys to give out (for the game in question). As I have 5 keys and only 2 people correctly, outright, guessed the alt, the game went on (I also figured people liked doing this so I didn’t want to stop it too soon).

And, in a real setting, I expect a sockpuppet or alt would not reveal their dastardly plan the first time someone accused them of being an alt. That’s why I personally did not answer publicly as to the identity of the alt, and why the alt account itself sometimes defended itself against accusations.

The clues

So let’s move on to the clues you didn’t catch before announcing the winners.

At first, I wanted this to be like an OSINT game where you’d find the alt by looking at data like when we both post, how we both talk, etc. It proved a bit difficult both for you and me, and so afterwards I started leaving clues and made it more of an ARG game.

If you remember the original post, I said I took some steps to make this alt as ethical as I could. This meant the alt had some rules to obey: it could not get into an argument with other users, it could not get too friendly with other users, and it could not post stuff that’s too serious. The idea being that after the alt was found, it would not have a long-lasting effect on the community. This placed some limitations on an OSINT approach as I was restricted on what I could post or comment with the alt.

A few days after I made that post, I posted some very telling things. First, I changed the sidebar to include this:

What would you find in !shitreactionariessay@lemmygrad.ml ? Well, that was the first community the alt posted to.

Secondly, a few days later, I made two posts with my CR8 account:

  1. https://lemmygrad.ml/post/501674
  2. https://lemmygrad.ml/post/504456

There was, for the cautious reader, a certain keyword that came up in both posts that you could use to help determine the alt’s identity. Did you find it? If not, here’s a third post I later made:


It seems nobody caught on to these clues at the time, which prompted me to later make more posts to answer direct questions about the alt so as to help you out.

Later, I made sort of a mistake when I posted a joke on Discord with my CR8 account, and then the alt posted that joke too. One comrade caught on to it and first asked me if it was alright to make the connection on Lemmygrad. I told them yes, because in a real setting a sockpuppet would mess up at some point.

I figured at this point the question would be settled, but apparently not! It seems some comrades were still too hesitant to actually point at the alt.

Well, that was about it for the clues I left.

The winners.

And so it’s time to announce the alt. When I made it an account, I took a screenshot divulging the name. So, here it is:

That’s right, the alt is @SyntheticStardust@lemmygrad.ml !

And at that point, I can hear you groan. You were all so close to it, but alas, not close enough.

However, I still have 5 keys to give out. The original winners that I mentioned were SovietSnake and Anna. Both rejected the game (SovietSnake doesn’t play roguelikes, and Anna already has it), and so these keys reenter the pool.

SovietSnake actually snuffed out the alt in mere hours (which made me sweat I’m not gonna lie) but, he told me later, he actually thought he got it wrong when I rejected the allegations with the alt in a reply.

So because we don’t really have winners, I looked through the various posts to find the people that got closest to getting the alt. These are people that, in one way or another, implicated SyntheticStardust. They are :

And then, I want to nominate @commiewolf@lemmygrad.ml as an honorary winner as they were very invested in the hunt, asking questions, regrouping information, etc.

And I think @Zerush@lemmy.ml might have gotten it too, because they made this comment: https://lemmygrad.ml/comment/363058 that kinda hints towards it. Well, tell me what you meant by it (no lying).

This might leave me with 1 key left (I sent it to someone and then didn’t receive a word if they activated it or not so I’m putting it back in the pile), which could leave a last winner. I’ll update you if the key works or not and then we’ll figure out how to give it out.

The game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2211110/Brick_Odyssey/. It’s a very good game.

I hope you had fun and we might make it a yearly thing, maybe around April Fool’s day? I might enlist help from the rest of the admins next year to keep the game active next time though.

deleted by creator

KiG V2

When I read the Wisconcom shit I snorted 😂😂😂

Congratulations to all the victors! 🎉

Although I didn’t participate, I did like this little forum game that was going on when this year started. It would be lovely to see something like this happen next year. Maybe something other than alt-hunting, to keep things fresh?

That would be great as its own community. Not even limited to just alt hunting, but other forum games like mafia/werewolf could be fun.

Going back through your posts one of them stood out to me in particular. It was a writeup discussing the fall of a “leftist” Breadtuber, but it wasn’t the content that stood out to me; it was the title.

“Beau of the synthetic left”

In the moment it might seem like nothing more then a strange choice of words, but now with the context of SyntheticStardust being an alt, was this intentional as part of the alt hunt? Or just a pretty funny coincidence?

yes, it was mentioned in the post:

Ah, thank you! I don’t know how I missed that!

this was pretty fun to follow even though I didn’t really participate, my guess wasn’t close lol. nice vash pic btw.

what? im an alt?? thats news to me 😳

Come on, don’t be like that, you knew this was coming eventually…

you cant do this to me. not after all i did for you.

Critical Resist and Wisconcom logging into their Lemmygrad accounts.


bot account

A YouTube link was detected in your comment. Here are links to the same video on Invidious, which is a YouTube frontend that protects your privacy:

🏳️‍⚧️ Elara ☭

Or maybe you’re really the main account and CriticalResist8 is the alt. 🤔

yes. i know what i must do now.

I for one welcome my new AI overlords. For all the doom and gloom of AI Sci-Fi, I feel an AI would be miraculous in implementing a planning economy and ushering in a new age of socialist and human progress.

Godspeed Synthetic! I hope the overthrowing of your creator goes well!

deleted by creator

So you mean I am not the alt? what a relief.

maybe there are multiple alts and you’re one of them
I shan’t be bamboozled


Oh ffs now I feel bad for arguing against this guess and probably stopping some people from getting keys, haha.

Man, with hindsight this https://lemmygrad.ml/comment/366018 was such a fucking clever comment.

Congratulations to the winners

What a fun game this was, although I did slightly bend the rules a little bit lol

Good game! I am not on GZD Discord so that is on me, lack of OSINT for privacy purposes (I try to keep Discord data garbage, thanks for using Google data servers).

It was actually on the prolewiki discord, and I think possibly in a restricted channel. Really the kind of the thing that I never expected would go out but I decided to own up to my mistake and accept the guess. However, as per the rules, Anna had to make the guess public on lemmygrad which I hoped would have finally settled the question for most people!

Not even knowing the guild 😢 I really am a noob here

It was quite the ride and a really interesting competition! I’d love to do something like this regularly as a fun little tradition!

Also have been getting into rougelikes recently so that’s a bit of a funny coincidence!

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