How long will this last? Recent developments certainly aren’t tipping the global balance in favour of the West. On the one hand, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Nato’s strategy in Ukraine isn’t working: not only is Ukraine facing heavy losses, while the West unable to keep up with Ukrainian demands for ammunition and equipment, but the sanctions have hurt Western countries, as well as developing ones. On the other, the financial crisis triggered by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is yet another reminder of the intrinsic instability of the West’s hyper-financialised brand of capitalism.

Only last week, America’s global standing took another hit with the signing of a historic agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia brokered by China (while, it should be noted, the Saudi foreign minister was in Moscow). As part of the deal, Iran has agreed to stop arming Houthis in Yemen, potentially paving the way to a resolution to the nine-year-long Yemeni war. Writing in Newsweek, David H. Rundell, a former chief of mission at the American Embassy in Saudi Arabia explained that the deal will be seen as “a watershed moment for Chinese influence in the Middle East”, while further eroding America’s already poor reputation in the region.

The scary thing is that I feel like our leaders are quickly running out of options that isn’t one last desperate war to try and take out the competition. And considering just how much of a threat we consider China to be, I wouldn’t rule out nukes.

moving to the countryside b like

If you actually do this doublecheck that you’re not moving near militaly bases or military industry, those are sometimes out in the middle of no where

while further eroding America’s already poor reputation in the region.

bwahahaha this is understatement on the level of the “African countries feel exploited by the West” line in that other lib article a while back. They’re so full of shit.

KiG V2

Language like this is so disgusting to me.

It’s no wonder so many people in America are abusive

What’s going on in Yemen? Is the war ending but in the favor of the Saudis? What’s China’s take on the Houthi and how’s that situation meant to resolve?

IDK. Iran will stop arming them, and the war will thus end. I’m guessing that the Saudi’s will be advantaged, but not completely victorious, as China will demand a negotiated peace. In negotiation, when something is taken, something is given. We can only hope that our plans come to pass quickly.

Yemen is among the few things geopolitically that’s kind of bothering me now, but we must not lose sight of the bigger picture. They will be completely free someday.

Yemen and Palestine are the things that bother me. With the Saudis and Israel being trade partners with China I have to wonder how it all goes down even if the US isn’t able to keep propping them up. I guess it’s too idealist to hope for a quick and satisfying victory, seems more like it will be a slow burn to solve complicated negotiations.

If China pivots to being the principal international partner of Israel and SA, it could mean changes are on the way. While the US is in the picture, change is very difficult. But as the US falls apart, China will naturally become the main influence in the region and can broker peace as soon as the US is weak enough. China couldn’t do that if it didn’t get involved at all. China will be able to achieve what the USSR could not but China must not fall into the trap of direct military involvement, e.g. like the USSR did in Afghanistan. (I’m not saying that China is the only hope for Palestine and Yemen, just that a Chinese solution is one option.)

Idk if Israel question even was on the table, but don’t forget it was a deal. If Iran agreed to stop arming Houthis, SA sure did promised something in return. And for sure this was not the only point of that agreement.

“On the other, the financial crisis triggered by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is yet another reminder of the intrinsic instability of the West’s hyper-financialised brand of capitalism.”

And I’d like to ask the imbecile who wrote the line: “And, pray tell, my dear propagandist… WHAT KIND OF FUCKING CAPITALISM OTHER THAN HYPER-FINANCIALIZED DOES IT EXIST, YA DUMB FUCK!?”

happy bread day comrade

Its darkly funny that if they genuinely followed the thread of why it exists they would end up at Marx, yet these political wonks and most people in general never do

Even if they did, they’d ignore it. Never underestimate the power of willing ignorance.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but at least the early, Cromwell and Robespierre era capitalism was more about industry than finance

yeah, it was industrial capitalism at first, eventually becoming financial/rentier capitalism (very little domestic manufacturing, lots of financial fuckery) – economist Michael Hudson talks about this frequently

That is true but since there is no way to turn back the historical clock on this we may as well just call it all capitalism, albeit having went through different phases of development, each one being the logical and inevitable outcome of the social and material conditions and contradictions created by the previous one. Barring some kind of catastrophic global societal collapse the general trend of development in the world can only be forward towards higher forms of social and economic organization. And the only step forward from capitalism is socialism.

industrial capitalism still exists in some countries to some extent, but yes, it’s all capitalism

but that’s not REAL capitalism!

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