“There will be lots of ways in which China will try to spin whatever comes from the meeting in a way that seeks to portray the US in negative light.” portray US in a bad light isn’t precisely the hardest thing to do…

USA: “why do you don’t want to fight to the death? do you hate america?”


China played US masterfully here. US is now forced to admit that they don’t actually want the war to end, and are struggling to put a palatable spin on their position. Most of the world wants to see the war end, and even Europe is starting to have doubts about it.

China demonstrated that they are going to back Russia dashing any hopes for the war ending soon because Russia is going to run out of resources, and they put out a peace plan that can end the war. The only logical thing to do is to accept the proposal because the west has no path to victory. The longer this goes the worse things get for the west.

US admin refuses to accept this fact, but will they be able to keep Europe in line is the question.

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This fucking headline saying the quiet part out loud lmao

MFW peace 😨😱😭😡🤬🤬🇺🇲💣



who pays these children


I am convinced that all of the countries part of NATO are controlled by shaytan and that Iblis (their leader) controls the United States.

US Fears a War-Weary World May Embrace China’s Ukraine Peace Bid

B-but PuTiN’s wAr

If the US spurns the agreement, “China will likely ramp up messaging that the US is opposed to a cease-fire, that the US is opposed to the end of the war,” said Bonny Lin, a fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies who once served at the Pentagon. “There will be lots of ways in which China will try to spin whatever comes from the China-Russia meeting in a way that seeks to portray the US in negative light.”

Parenti quote.

When China makes peace it’s an evil scheme to make the USA look bad.

The possibility that they want peace and common prosperity cannot be allowed.

Maybe the reason it’s so easy to “spin” the US in a negative light is that the US is a blood drenched empire that is willing to see Ukraine crushed just to injure Russia.

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In the United States, for over a hundred years, the ruling interests tirelessly propagated anticommunism among the populace, until it became more like a religious orthodoxy than a political analysis. During the Cold War, the anticommunist ideological framework could transform any data about existing communist societies into hostile evidence. If the Soviets refused to negotiate a point, they were intransigent and belligerent; if they appeared willing to make concessions, this was but a skillful ploy to put us off our guard. By opposing arms limitations, they would have demonstrated their aggressive intent; but when in fact they supported most armament treaties, it was because they were mendacious and manipulative. If the churches in the USSR were empty, this demonstrated that religion was suppressed; but if the churches were full, this meant the people were rejecting the regime’s atheistic ideology. If the workers went on strike (as happened on infrequent occasions), this was evidence of their alienation from the collectivist system; if they didn’t go on strike, this was because they were intimidated and lacked freedom. A scarcity of consumer goods demonstrated the failure of the economic system; an improvement in consumer supplies meant only that the leaders were attempting to placate a restive population and so maintain a firmer hold over them. If communists in the United States played an important role struggling for the rights of workers, the poor, African-Americans, women, and others, this was only their guileful way of gathering support among disfranchised groups and gaining power for themselves. How one gained power by fighting for the rights of powerless groups was never explained. What we are dealing with is a nonfalsifiable orthodoxy, so assiduously marketed by the ruling interests that it affected people across the entire political spectrum.

– Michael Parenti, Blackshirts And Reds

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Why? They seem to be getting what the wished for


If the war ends now on Russian terms then it’s a huge L for the states and the collective west.

On Russian terms being what, Russia not collapsing under the economic strain?


The terms are going to be that Ukraine is not going to be a threat to Russia. There is no chance that China will let Russia collapse economically because that would turn Russia into Ukraine for China. Meanwhile, the western financial system is already looking like it’s in early stages of a collapse.

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