this explains why so many people have their funny R*ddit cake day today

I was a bit late to the party, my cake day is march 28! This has been such a better year being on Lemmygrad and no more Reddit or any social media

My reddit account was so well established and I was banned from reddit for something I had said a million times before during the gzd ban festival.

Gonna miss that sub, I wouldn’t be an ML if it wasn’t for r/GenZedong r/GenZhou

I honestly didn’t know genzhou was a thing till it was outright banned

We were banned for literally no reason. I was on the sub and following since 2019, we were at peak when we were quarantined while we just started getting bigger and bigger. Who knows how many subs would we have today. I never thought that Lemmy could replace the reddit sub, but it proved otherwise. We’re still quarantined and I don’t know if we’ll be back or just straight banned one day. And yes, all of this while racist, incest, real gore, pornographic, fascist and nazi subs still exist openly and no one is saying anything about it there.

Many old mods and members disappeared for some reason, like Grace, Environmental Data, Stalin’s Spoon etc, I don’t know what happened to them and some of the others here on Lemmy, but tens of thousands of users didn’t come here for some reason, what happened to them?. I came here after the quarantine and suspension of reddit account, but suspension was lifted and I planned to stay there until we eventually get banned, but rddit being rddit I was perma suspended months ago, this time for good and without a single explanation, just ‘‘multiple violations of reddit policy’’, nothing else. So I went off and since then, idk what’s happening there.

Even if we get unquarantined somehow, at this point it wouldn’t be the same and I think that we’re better off even if we still don’t have user base in strong numbers. I was assaulted on reddit and few other social media a couple of times just because of being myself, I never saw a community so accepting like here, thank you guys!🖤

“What happened to them”

I’m sure there are a lot of people on the Genzedong and tankie bunker discords that aren’t on here. Also plenty are still on r/thedeprogram, r/sendinthetanks etc. Edit: the subs have 15.9k and 16.3k respectively, in the top 5% of subs

Why don’t they just come here?

They probably haven’t heard about Lemmygrad. It’s rather difficult to post invitations to this site and get anyone to see it. I guess a lot of people didn’t see the original gzd post recommending places for refugees to go. Last I tried I got maybe one in a r/thedeprogram post while the rest stayed at neutral in karma. Maybe we should collectively reach out, collectively promote a single call to join so it looks more organic?

It really feels small without 57k subs, they need to come.

joining here was difficult, and many just didnt feel like commiting to yet another platform.

Part of genzedong was mockign reddit and providing an alaternative, tbh.

I would be shit lib western “leftist” without y’all. o7 luv y’all

I bet I’m one of the most karma rich mls who weren’t banned. How many of you weren’t banned?

I have 226000 karma on reddit and i’m still not banned overall, just from ultra subs lol (probably because i never bothered coming to the shitlib 99% of reddit).

are you active? inactives or not controversial accounts survive.

I was controversial. Permasuspended for saying that chinese weapons were made to kill fascists, so lelMAO

I was only active a few weeks after the quarantine. My last real activity was asking thedeprogram sub what they thought of billy Bragg 177 days ago

Still not banned for some reason.

Happy bread day

I wasn’t banned but I mostly lurk around anyways.

I wasn’t. That being said, why am I still on reddit?

Are you still active? It’s not like you have a moral obligation to get yourself banned or delete your account.

I’m still active and acting normally on there. Still engage with lefty things and try to push people towards ML thought.

Happy quarantine Anniversary :(

But at least it got me to move to Lemmygrad :)

happy bread anniversary!!

Thank you! :)


last year was a fever dream

Where actually did the last year go, feels like I barely got anything done smh


Existential dread sets in every year I feel like I got nothing done.

I forgot it was quarantined on my birthday

The Kaffe

oh word that’s why i have a cake day

My favorite part was how the Quarantine didn’t stop us whatsoever so the admins stepped in and made the sub impossible to access.

Is there another sub like it? SLS seems the closest but they keep it within Reddits limits, which is fair what can you do but genzedong was a lot of fun.

r/thedeprogram, r/dongistan, and r/tankiesandtankinis? I haven’t been on Reddit much since a couple weeks after it was quarantined. Edit: r/sendinthetanks is still a thing

Yeah I basically just don’t use Reddit these days and that’s probably for the best but GZD was something special.

Aren’t there actual hateful subreddits still permeating the site?

Plenty, but actual hate typically doesn’t threaten the capitalist status quo.

Literally the Ukraine sub in the op picture

2ironicallyracist4u subs continue to proliferate.

Don’t forget PCM.

The fact that the ‘fascism reclaimed’ and ‘true fascism’ subs still exist speaks volumes about Reddit lol.

Freeze peach absolutism when quarantining a far left sub but keeping the fash ones alive lmao.

I’m sure once those subs get too much bad press, Reddit will get rid of them… alongside some communists subreddits


Deeply pathetic and sad that they’re happy about banning the only sub against US foreign policy.

I predicted it the second my friend introduced me to r/GenZedong. I even said “They should start a Lemmy instance because I guarantee this sub is going to get banned.” Then I saw someone mention lemmygrad and joined. Three months later, r/GenZedong was quarantined.

The past year has been very interesting for me, to say the least. I became an ML, I finally got out of the hell known as the US educational system, I was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism, and I finally stopped denying that I’m trans. Lots of major events in very quick succession. By giving me a greater understanding of myself and the world, all of you were a big part of those events. Thanks, comrades. o7

Understanding Marxism helped the world make sense to me. Understanding autism helped me make sense to me. I hope you’ve finally accepted yourself comrade.

That’s how I did it except I had a Lemmy account from the ol Chapo days and had forgotten about it.

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