That bottom pic is symbolic enough on it’s own. The US spends so much selling the American dream but they’ve taken too many missteps. For all the faults and apologist messaging in films about the US (even ones that should have progressive semiotics), this pic with the dying eagle is how I see the place. It probably helps that I was taught several times throughout school to be critical of the American dream. Ig they didn’t want us all disappearing to the States when we grew up.

This is a brilliant cartoon


we bare bears, now in adult swim!

New season of We Bare Bears dropped

Where’s Ice Bear? Ice Bear is best comrade.

Ice Bear will be the Inuit people leading a protracted Indigenous people’s war in the Arctic, marking a decay within the imperial core.

The eagle is paying upwards of $500 for that IV bag, just a tiny small part of me feels sympathy

And don’t even start about rent

I thought that was supposed to be a vulture 💀

I would say it’s a vulture anyways but tbh the USA preys upon growing economies not dead ones

Wait, who is the pig in the cage? Lol

Best guess it’s Ukraine. There’s been a trend of portraying Ukraine as a pig in recent memes. Not entirely sure why, possibly due to lard

Lil Kitai

I think I heard somewhere it’s cuz Ukrainians eat a lot of pork, so they became stereotyped as pigs (by Russians).

Pigs eating pigs. Isn’t that funny.

Well historically the bourgeoisie are represented as pigs but that doesn’t quite make sense in an obvious way. It is curious and one has to wonder what the meaning is or if it was just a randomly chosen animal.

It’s Ukraine, i see that a lot of times already in russian carricatures and this clearly is a russian carricature.

Ah! Now that makes sense. Captive, sad. A picture of it on the wall to symbolize the west’s token “thinking/caring about Ukraine”.

And the two shovels, some symbolism there for two countries digging their own graves I wonder.

Oh my god they’re roommates

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