“I am grateful for President Xi’s invitation. It is important to know his position on peace in Ukraine and to convey to him that it will be the Ukrainians who establish the conditions for that peace,” Sánchez said ahead of a meeting of EU leaders in Brussels on Thursday. “The most important thing is that we can guarantee a stable and durable peace. That means respecting the UN Rights Charter with respect to the territorial integrity of Ukraine that is being violated by Russia,” he added. Sánchez met Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kyiv last month and said Spain would support Ukraine “in every way we can” in the face of Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Sounds like just parroting Uncle Sam though


Oh yeah absolutely, but the fact that he’s going to China at all is huge.

Eh, they just feel the balance of power shifting and flock to the perceived new head honcho. I doubt they are willing to rid of practices and policies that led to this shit in the first place

KiG V2

Even reluctant, cynical, real politik motivations behind them dialing back the evil is better than nothing. It is a sign that good is winning and they will no longer be able to write their own rules.


Of course, but this is still a very important development geopolitically. This shows that US is losing its grip on Europe, and the whole NATO project is starting to show structural problems. If China brokers peace in Ukraine then it replaces the US as the global leader.

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