Elon Musk told reporters in Brazil that Tesla will have self-driving cars without the need for human drivers behind the wheel for supervision (or at all really) around this time next year. It’s Musk’s latest timeline on Tesla’s full self-driving effort, but he has always been wrong about those in the past. The Tesla CEO […]

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It’s not the first time that Musk made this announcement.

and they even link the video of him saying this every year, lmao

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Downvoted because Elon Musk says shit all the time. Why does anyone still listen? Even the linked article recounts several occasions where he made similar claims that have not panned out.

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Yup, exactly this. I came to fediverse because i thought it to be free of people behaving like bots just pasting news and opinion articles

Self driving cars on Mars travelling in underground tubes.

-I have heard that you bought a self driving car, where do you have it?

-I don’t have the slightest idea

Guess the idea of making a sub “ShitElonSays” which emerged in Lemmygrad somewhere doesn’t sound that bad.

On lemmy.ca there is a new community of which the mod thinks it is okay to basically run it as such: https://lemmy.ml/c/elon@lemmy.ca To sub to it, you might have to go to it via the “communities” menu of your instance.


He gain his power from the spotlight.

We should just ignore him and stop giving him momentum.

Doesn’t take that much programming to crash and burn

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