You can assume that they don’t. Sadly you’ll be right most of the times. ._.

Even if you read the privacy policy, there is no guarantee that the company actually adheres to it.


If their GDPR / cookie dialog is showing the typical dark patterns of trying to get you to consent to data sharing and your ad-blocker blinks like a Xmas tree with all the external JavaScript resources being loaded, you can be pretty sure that this website is actively disregarding your privacy. Sadly this applies to most commercial websites these days.

What other comments mentioned, and also, might be a good tool. It summarizes terms of service and privacy policy into a few sentences.

I’d say it depends on your threat model, but you may consider to always use a proxy, VPN or the like. Blacklight is good to check sites. There are also some websites to check for GDPR compliance, e.g.,. or

I’d recommend to use Tor on all websites, except the ones you need to login for some social account, in this case a separated browser for this purpose would be best. But if you want to check if a website respects your privacy before opening it, you can check in this link:

Put a URL in the field and scan it, it will show all the trackers this link has before visiting it.

Another good tip I would suggest (since I actually use it), is to keep JavaScript disabled by default in your browser.

When visiting websites, if one is broken, I enable JS just for it. If it’s just a static site (a blog, news article, …), and is developed correctly (there are news sites which don’t work at all without JS, I wonder how can one mess up so badly in website development), then keeping JavaScript off will not alter the site’s real functionality, but will block ALL bad scripts, and also make the browsing experience faster.

JS is a cancer, not needed 99.99% of the time and makes the web less efficient.

Yup totally agree, I always leave JS disabled, I only enabled in some rare exceptions. The good part is that all my favorite news websites, they have some kind of RSS feed, so I can read the news locally on my computer without having to go to these websites

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