Why are card payments getting rejected in Germany?
People are currently unable to pay by card in a number of major German retailers. Here's what's going on.

the article doesn’t mention that an expired certificate is the cause, but that is credibly claimed on twitter here: https://nitter.net/jwildeboer/status/1530227390286290944

Helix 🧬

I have used those terminals and it’s easily possible to update the certs if you know what you’re doing. But an IT professional with experience in those terminals must do this and I guess there’s just too few of those around to fix all at once.

Sadly (or thankfully?) remote access to those terminals is pretty limited, so you most likely have to be there physically and can’t do remote config changes if you didn’t set that up in a very specific way before.


Good thing that in most of Germany cash is still heavily preferred as a payment method.

A lot of stores don’t even accept cards, a lot of supermarkets are cash only as well.


AFAIK it’s mostly because using cashless payment methods in germany is taxed which is why most smaller businesses don’t accept cards in the first place.

this is why you never swallow all that bs propaganda about abolishing cash

I only use a card with larger amounts of money, never in normal purchases, for this in cash it is unbeatable, anonymous and greater control over expenses. Apart from that, I avoid that stores have to pay commissions that are ultimately recharged on the products, an aspect that many forget when paying with a card.

Is cash so anonymous? Does the cash machine record the serial numbers of the notes you took? When a shop takes its cash to the bank at the end of the day, does the bank again record the serial numbers? If so, a cynical regime could figure out how much you spend in each shop, but not what you bought.

I don’t know if they do this yet, but it’s an easy, obvious, concealable scam.

Cash can also be traced, but it’s orders of magnitude harder.

Even in the very unlikely event that the cash machine records the bill numbers, this is of only minimal relevance if the supermarket uses the same branch and the bank would really bother to check all the bill numbers issued by the supermarket and filter them out which can belong to you. Even if they would do a follow-up like this, it is a difference that they know how much you spent, and that they not only know this, but also in detail what you bought at the same time when you pay with the card, passing it through the scanner of the supermarket, in addition also the subsidiary of the mall, without having to bother filtering out the numbers, adding that with paing with card, also the supermarced knows your identity, your Banc number and even your ID card number. And more, if you are one of those who use these discount cards or apps that these supermarkets provide, not taking into account that they do not deduct more than a few cents, but that you sell them your private data, address and telephone numbers, so that they ‘gift’ you with Spam.

Yes exactly. They can probably only know where you shopped, not what you bought, if they even do this. But they’ve executed much more sophisticated plots than this. Look at the eurion constellation.

Yes, but Eurion Constellation patterns are only to avoid that you can make a photocopy of the money, they will result black and even with a warning. Not a tracking measure.

Well I obviously know that.

As I explained above, it’s an example of how "they’ve executed much more sophisticated plots than this.”

I know, but paying with cash, few things they can do. Because of this there are so much promotions of cards and worst, paying with Mobile.

This is not happening.

Cash is king. It’s anonymous and does not crash like online payment systems do. It’s great.

That’s an awful long article with a good question for a headline that you might assume they’d answer but they never do.

Another advantage of cash is that you can actually see how much you spend, thus spending money more carefully


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