Linux and Git creator Linus Torvalds has criticised GitHub for creating “absolutely useless garbage merges”.

I absolutely agree! (I’m not stanning for Linus; I have a similar opinion.) GitHub merges have so little info that I may as well just use git to merge.

I guess that’s why I’m confused by GitHub merges in projects.

Don’t use Micrısoft’s github. There are much better alternatives. I’m on Codeberg.


Unfortunately, Gitea (the forge software that powers Codeberg) has major accessibility issues. It’s not usable from most assistive technologies (e.g. screen readers). GitLab isn’t much better.

Sourcehut is pretty much the only GitHub alternative with good accessibility I know of.


I fully agree… Unfortunately sometimes it is not possible to have commandline merges, because that would mean that someone has push access… But for some projects that’s not possible, especially if two parties work on the same Project and some form of automation is in place (for example Bors/ a merge bot).

Name something Windoze has purchased that became better for them having done so? I guess by buying Github they did improve SourceForge and GitLab.

I guess by buying Github they did improve SourceForge and GitLab.

Eehh, I wouldn’t agree with that. SF is imho terrible regardless of what compated to, and Gitlab is the same mess as Github with an even worse UI that does not work without JS at all. Let alone that at you can not even search the issues without an account.

At least we have gitea and sourcehut.

GitHub is so bloated with useless “features” and 90% of them seem like they have been authored with corporate middle management bureaucracy in mind.

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