I know we could educate our local community and all, but isn’t there more? Could we consolidate our MLs into one place?

read theory, get engaged with the people around you, don’t try to talk about stalin or that sort of thing unless very specifically asked to, Try to form unions, and join or form a party.

Why not talk about Stalin? Because people would be demotivated from radicalization?


The user you asked already replied with a good answer, essentially:

  1. It’s not necessary or particularly useful to talk about specific leaders

  2. It requires a lot of context to justify or refute the atrocities that most western people attribute to him. To many, it’s comparable to someone trying to justify Hitler to you. They’re both accused of being genocidal undemocratic repressive invasive dictators, compared to the (alleged) democratic free benevolent USA. Like AmericanCommunist22 said, it requires some priming for someone to be warm to the idea and not just shut you out entirely.

So really, for anyone casual, it’s unhelpful to bring up unless they have specific concerns about him.

Because libs, even though you could have all the evidence in hand, would just let their programming override if you tried to confront them on it. They have to have some sort of revolutionary ideals begin radicalizing them, or just find a time when they’ve broken the most through their programming, like finding out about specific events or realizing how shitty some things are, and try to inform them as much as you can during then. Stalin’s rehabilitation should not be a forefront or main agenda of any western ML movement, because it will naturally happen without provocation.

He is important, but more work could be done organizing and things like that. Relying on communism, fighting neoliberals when they are wrong about current events, or near current events would be enough for them to at least take a look backward and redefine such things. As awesome as it would be to just show them that stalin isn’t a tyrannical demon that is equal to hitler, show them that the west lies about such people and movements (never do it in a way that can hint to stalin, they must try to at least be warm to the idea before de-mythologizing stalin can happen).

Many other points could radicalizing people, stalin needs more of a higher tier of communist radicalization to accept.

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I heard this party was infiltrated or something. Is this true or is this just bs

If your standard is you won’t join any party that is infiltrated…you will never get involved with any even vaguely left organizing. Even things like DSA are very much infiltrated, along with liberal environmentalist groups, etc. We live in the most advanced and criminal surveillance state of human history. CPUSA was the main leftist party in the US and was officially allied with the USSR, the #1 enemy state of the US at the time, so yes they were heavily infiltrated. There was even a movie called something like I was a communist for the FBI.

All that said, with the CPUSA being not even 10% of what it once was they are not a threat like they once were. I expect this to change as the CPUSA is growing seriously fast at least compared to before, couple that with Biden’s new “domestic terrorism” legislation where socialists are equated with Nazis, the CPUSA will definitely have a target on it’s back if it keeps growing. Specifically because the younger generation is much less pro-Democrat than the old guard.

Thats a good point probably should just accept that fact. Do they do good work?

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Join a party, PSL, CPUSA, PCUSA, whatever is active in your city.

I heard the CPUSA was infiltrated or something. Is this true or is this just bs


They have a long history of infiltration and capitulation, and its hard to blame them specifically given the history of anticommunism in the US.

Their current old guard, unfortunately seems to do a ton of democratic party strategy. Take a look at peoples world, their newspaper. Or at some of the anti-ussr and anti-ML things some of their leadership, like joe sims says. Or Angela Davis’s enthusiasm for Kamala Harris.

All that said, their younger members are turning it back into a great organization, and of course many branches are stocked with principled MLs. Their international wing is arguably the best of any US communist party. And their recent purging of patsocs shows that the org is headed in the right direction.

Oh they purged the patsocs sign me up then. But okay Ill take a look at them when I move back up soon

its full of libs or western commies

Isn’t this place full of western commies?

western-oriented ones. Liberal Idpol

All groups when you think about it will be infiltrated , I mean unless there is a secret org I don’t know about. Aslong as they promote to join, the cia/fbi will see and try to join and disrupt.

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If no org exists in your area, you can try to start one. Also a lot of these orgs allow “at-large” members, not part of any specific city branch.

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