prayers to god 🧙‍♂️ gracious, 😱 lord 😇🙏 praise 🙌 the EU 🤲 for 👏💕 their 👈👏 heavenly 👩🏻‍🦲 gift 📮📦💎 upon 😽🙀 us, 💀mortals, of 🥲🙃 deposing apple’s 🍎🐸 satan 😈 given 👤 connector authoritarianism

They need to do the same for EVs before that gets out of hand.

EU already has a common chargers for EVs 👈😎👈

I’m not sure about Apple these days. I have an iPad Air 4th Gen and it can be charged by my phone’s USBC charger. Do iphones not allow this?

They don’t. Their tablets and laptops are on USB-C but the phones are still Lightning.

…and Apple will change the charging bricks to a different port, where no other brick works with the latest iPhones, and those charging bricks and iPhones will share unique company generated firmware to charge battery. Third party ones will not work.

Or EU plays lapdog for USA as usual and makes up some excuse for the already manufactured iPhones for this year in the name of environment.

Or EU politicians will cook up something to stall the policy till end of year or next year.

all their newer iphones, macbooks and ipads already use usb PD (power delivery) and usb C on both ends (except for iphones, which still use usb C <-> lightning cables), which is an open industry standard, meaning that a roll-back of any kind would be absurdly unpractical, not to mention that iiuc the law doesn’t simply mandate the presence of a physical connector, but also some minimal usb data/power transfer spec, meaning it should be compatible with chargers that support the spec, forestalling potential for monopolistic consolidation and abuse

Apple is courageous. Just remember that.

thankfully that isn’t a justification for breaking laws 🙏

There is no law for Apple. If Apple bullies Europeans about stopping all Apple product sales, people will get to the streets over something as shallow as this. They are conditioned to care more about their daily life comfort coping mechanisms than their rights or what should matter to them.

while i understand your frustration with apple, this is a baseless assumption

  • there is law for apple, it’s called binding legislative acts of the EU, which have power across the entirety of the EU
  • apple already has a relatively clean record with regards to following EU laws
  • the majority of ppl in the EU use android phones
  • this proposed law is a popular measure with wide (implicit) support
  • apple would never pull out of a market 1.5x time larger than US, because the profit from their own proprietary cables is tiny relative to the overall profit they make in the EU, therefore apple board members, CEO and others at apple have a fiduciary duty to stay in the EU, and everyone involved in this ordeal know perfectly well

Did Facebook follow the laws imposed on them after US-EU Privacy Shield was removed, or did EU bow to them? Check the news where Facebook threatened to leave EU with all their services. There is your answer.

I wish facebook left the EU. They are just a cancer. The same goen for Apple stuff.

didn’t facebook loose that case?

additionally, that piece of legislation was updated with a similar piece of data protection legislation, based on actual flaws in the previous piece of legislation, not because of facebook’s empty (for reasons outlined above) threats to leave

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