I only consume mainstream media, which has been a major part in radicalizing me against capitalism. BBC, the guardian, Al Jazeera, etc

It seems like my communist comrades and alt righters dislike MSM. Mainstream media seems to push more for anarchism principles then communist principles, which might be why Communists don’t like it?

Inb4 someone says MSM supports the status quo. Most of what I hear on MSm is in favor of nearly a revolution.

I don’t usually post my own stuff on here, but I’ve been developing lists of relatively reliable media for several years - though it’s definitely difficult to define.

I wrote this critique of the media, where I also argue that the more appropriate term is “establishment media” rather than “mainstream media”: https://www.mediaactivist.com/media-activism/

You can also find the aforementioned list on my website (albeit embedded via the bird site!)

You trust Wikipedia for a list of reliable sources? https://www.wired.com/2007/08/wiki-tracker/

If you find articles that are written by corporations, tag them as such and report them, and like half the time they get deleted. At least when I’ve done it.

That’s good. Though as I explained in my link above, journalism can be professionalised, and of a very, very high standard - completely reliable in its sourcing - and still at the same time cherry-pick, omit, slant, and perpetuate narratives through an editorial agenda, as we’ve seen for decades.

Some of the sites listed as “distant” to power in that first link are quite interesting to say the least, though I suppose any such categories will always be flawed; it’s very complex and hard to put organisations into lists.

Are you an Anarchist? The answer might surprise you!


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