What’s a good alternative to dropbox for people who can’t self host?


That depends, are you using the free version or do you have more storage space etc?

Joe Bidet

Are we sure this is not a super-clever disguised advertisement campaign by NextCloud?

Protip: if you need cloud storage for backup purposes (you shouldn’t store your files primarily on a machine you don’t own, but backup is another story), use Rclone. It’s a sync client for many cloud storage providers, but has amazing features.

If setup correctly, it can encrypt your data locally before uploading it to the cloud, and can even make a single seamless big cloud drive from joining together many small (free :D) accounts.

It works well, I have it automatically sync my stuff encrypted to the cloud from my NAS every night.

I enjoy a similar tool called borg backup, which uses end to end encryption by default


deleted by creator

I know, that’s why I put emphasis on the encryption!

If you cant install Linux on it, you don’t own it, and its important to own your own data.

Why would you not have a local copy of such sentimental or career-critical data?


I guess he did have that but was still bummed about his account being deleted?

Things that happen if you save things on a site with BigBrother included, instead of using Teknik or something similar.

Anything I save to online storage is first run through p7Zip for compression and encryption with a BitWarden generated password. I couldn’t image just trusting them with naked data and I’m not that smart nor have anything all that sensitive, it’s more about the principle of who has eyes on my stuff.

It depends on the content, naturally it is always advisable to be careful and an encryption for sensitive content is certainly indicated, at least if you do not use a selfhosted service on your own server. Although for this part in Teknik there will be no problems with your Vault, where it is only possible to access with your user ID and password. There is also no multi-national company that controls this service and can delete your content or expel you, which was the case here with Dropbox, Gdrive or other big tech proprietary services.

Maybe losing all his scripts can inspire him to write a good show next time lmao


Maybe deleting your account will inspire you to change your poop pfp lmao

It’s a riff off an old meme and I will not accept slander about it

Helix 🧬

You must accept the slander. It is the law on the Internet, Jen.

Humor is in the eye of the beholder.

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