The issue is there is no “collapse” where one day everything just turns to shit. It’s a whole process and happens over years, decades even. The US has been in a state of collapse for decades. It’s just getting to a point where it’s more noticeable. I mean ffs people just watched as police stood by and did nothing while a bunch of children were murdered. There’s even accusations that the cops helped kill a few of them… And nothing is being done about it. Meanwhile I’m other parts of the country people who don’t pay fees to the fire department see their house burn down while said fire dept stands by and watches. This IS collapse. People will still have jobs, businesses will still run, grocery stores still sell food, but things will steadily get worse and worse. Roads crumble, bridges fall, stores run out of inventory. I work for the supply chain of a pharma company and it’s really apparent to me. We are constantly having to change suppliers and alter products with different material because our typical supplier can’t get stuff. Shit we can’t even use certain types of paper anymore cause all the US suppliers shut down.

The truest “collapse” we could see is a failure of the US power grid. The power grid is so overtaxed that out own government estimates that it would only take the destruction of something like 9 substations and the whole US power grid is done for at least a year. If that happened 80% of the population is dead within 18 months. That’s where the mad max level roaming bands of marauders stealing gas and food from each other comes out. Hospitals and elder care facilities will get abandoned fairly quick once it becomes apparent the power isn’t coming back on. Water treatment stops and water towers run dry. People start killing their neighbors for their resources. Etc etc.

That’s kinda what I mean. I’m aware that collapse has been in development for years, I’m more wondering when that big issue will come along. Those big, fast, scary events. To my understanding collapse is a slow development until it becomes a sort of downward exponential curve of living standards. When does that hit?

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"Collapse"also carries some vague connotations. The British Empire “collapsed,” but Britain is still around. However, their power over the globe has waned significantly in a long and pathetic process. British imperialism is a hollow shell of what it once was, but society in England is still relatively functional.

Will the US have a similar collapse? Who knows. It could be quick or could continue to be the long decay of waning influence we’re seeing now. But the US state will not exist in its current form for much longer that’s for certain.

I can’t wait to start reporting fascists to the PLA. I’ll be first in line at the Confucius Institute when it goes up in my area. Maybe I can even be a peace keeper at a vocational training center. I’m just so tired of living here comrades. Please make this bullshit end President Xi.

These things can happen very rapidly. The US seems on the verge of collapse right now. Basic living is becoming rapidly unaffordable for the masses. I don’t think we’ll see a communist revolution in the USA any time soon but I can’t foresee the current structure of the US continuing for much longer.

The US is still doing comparatively quite well, if need be it could probably be self-sufficient. Europe on the other hand…well, i mean just look at Britain right now, it’s a total basket case.

Oh yeah, i read Estonia’s government recently collapsed. I expect more of that to follow for others who committed economic suicide in order to “stick it to Putin”.

And by the way, when Germany’s economy implodes due to exorbitant gas and oil prices rendering their industry un-competitive the EU is done for, especially freeloaders like Poland.

The US has the resources but is incompetently run. People cannot afford to live and the ruling class will not cede an inch.

This is true. I didn’t say they would but that they could.

I’m hearing from a lot of right wingers the talking point that the fuel price problem could be resolved by the government allowing more pipelines to be built, more offshore oil drilling to be done, more fracking, removing environmental protections, etc. (of course these people are all climate denialists). Frankly i don’t buy it, and i don’t think the overall economic situation is a result of incompetence. I think the current crisis suits the fossil fuel industry and the politicians whom it owns and controls just fine, they seem to be making record profits now that they have justifications to hike prices using shortages as a justification.

It’s the same reason why the OPEC cartel refuses to increase production, because bringing down prices is not in their interest.

This is just one example of how it is not in the interest of the ruling class to take steps that would solve the economic crisis.

They will probably also ultimately give up on trying to do anything to curb inflation, so get ready for another COVID style complete capitulation from the US government.

Of course they think that. They think everything can be fixed by giving the corporations more power. That will just make things worse.

It’s literally price gouging. The only thing that will get gas prices in check (in the short term) are price controls.

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When communist countries were under mined and collapsed, crime became epidemic. Cause that was the only way people could survive once the safety net was destroyed thanks to the evil capitalists who got control. Like the Chicago boys. That seems to be happening in the US right now.

Shouldn’t that be, when DID the US collapse?

I should’ve been more specific. I mean moreso when will the big, exponential downward curve happen?

I hope really soon and that Russia will boost that.

It did when it switched to Fiat money, now we are only waiting for borders to adjust.

Anybody who thinks the USA’s economy is on the verge of collapse right now or that it’ll become some barbaric wasteland soon needs to look at the dozens of much poorer countries in Africa, Asia, and South America that still have functioning civilizations to see there’s still a long, long way for the USA to go

We don’t have to believe that the US is going to cede from the world map, thats nonsense. But we know by many metrics that the USA will likely be unable to counter Chinas influence internationally within 10-30 years, and thats what really matters for the rest of the world.

I hope you aren’t right.

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