How will the US and other “international community” countries defend Taiwan if they only recognize the PRC? Can I declare to defend Texas if the US invade it?

Amerika has never been consistent and has never respected “international law”

“Crackerstan” 🤣 hahahaha

“NATOstan” is another good one, courtesy of Pepe Escobar

It is ❤

You can look at Ukraine for example where they are funneling armaments and strategic resources without deploying their own troops.

The difference is that in Taiwan they don’t have neo nazi militias to hand these to. So I’m not sure what’s gonna happen. Only thing I’m certain of is that American troops won’t be deployed there.

It’s kinda funny, they basically funnel weapons into what they de facto recognize as rebel province. Pretty sure it violates some international treaties.

PS in my hoi4 Millennium Dawn game I starter ww3 because I had a giant anti imperialist alliance as China that comprehended the Philippines, Taiwan declared war on the Philippines, I declared on Taiwan and the US defended a country they don’t recognize.

They’ll fight to the last resident of Taiwan. Biden is already exceedingly unpopular. Sending troops to die in China would surely be the empire’s last gasp.

Like Ukraine, Taiwan would just be used as an excuse for the US to levy sanctions, seize Chinese assets; and wipe trillions in debt off the books. Also like Ukraine, the US doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the Taiwanese people and would gladly sacrifice them on the alter of imperialism.

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