14k upvotes for bayonetting children. Normal website.

it wasn’t a bayonet, but it’s still reprehensible.

Death penalty for that guard. Could have seriously injure that child, what then?


The fact that they will trample people who don’t get out of the way for the Queen’s guard answers any questions about the question “is anybody above the law in the UK?”

I mean it’s a kid for crying out loud.

Whatever you do, don’t tell these commenters that it costs Guard nothing to take a step to the right, you’ll get about 30 replies from Anglos

Ratette (she/her)

The fucking hypocrisy of angloids 😮‍💨

“They are under strict orders”

Then their orders are fucking stupid and so are them and you for following/defending them like soulless robotic sheep.

I hate the royal reverence fellow westerners have, its so pathetic and sociopathic.

A soldier is required to oppose any illegal order. It’s in the damn Geneva convention. Strict orders is not a valid defense for anything.

You know, because after WWII, every Nazi tried to save their skin by saying “we were under strict orders”?

It would be very on brand for the Royal guard to use the nazi defence 🤣

For once, i love being spaniard. Literally noone here likes the monarchy, they are our favourite target of jokes. The only people who like the monarchy are far right weirdos who like to pretend that the monarchy is the only thing stopping the evil transgender commies from seizing power and abolishing heterosexuality and whiteness.

Does spain still have carlists or those dont exist anymore after the civil war? It would be weird to simp for an guy more then 100 years after he died.

Also poor portugal, they are home to not one but two shitty royal families.

Carlists still exist indeed, although they dont simp for the original guy, they simp for his descendants. Idk if you know, but during the Civil War carlism merged with the fascist Falange Española de las JONS party, to form Falange Española Tradicionalista y de las JONS, the only legal party of fascist Spain, headed by Franco. So carlism was definetely a significant force during Francos rule. They are irrelevant now tho.

Still, with “far right weirdos” i didnt mean carlists, i meant VOX and similar parties.

How based!

I wish it was the same here but the conditioning is soooo strong you’ll have someone moaning one day about how corrupt and selfish they are only for them to jump at the command of the country for the jubilee and act like little patriotic robots and it’s pathetic. It’s literally like a command prompt and half the country snaps into nationalist mode.

deleted by creator

oh boy we had fun with this one on the subreddit. posted a video juxtaposing this with footage of the People’s Armed Police politely avoiding children running about as they went about their duties, and all sorts of libs showed up to howl in that thread

Hey, these royal guards were just exercising their right to trample kids, they live in a free country. Them Chinese cucks are slaves under tOtAlItAriAn regime that forces them to be nice and shit. It’s horrible! 1984! 100 billion repressed by Stalin! increasinglyincoherentfascistrambling


I would love to see that video and send it around. Can you please share the link?

here I managed to find and re-upload it:

You know they are gonna say since it is a Chinese app that it’s biased, lol. The mental gymnastics

hah. that’s perfect. i just want to see what responses the libs came up with. do you remember any?

good to know there are guards that are actually nice


Thank you so much!


Scum of the earth.

Just a bunch of hypocrites

The comments if it was China, I can only imagine…

The comments because it’s Britain: fucking kill the kid with bayonet lol

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