I mean actually they do attack China tho. The Al Qaeda and CIA affiliated East Turkestan Islamic Movement has committed thousands of terrorist attacks in China, following US orders. However the attacks stopped in 2017 after Comrade Xi created vocational training to stop young uyghurs from radicalizing and becoming members of ETIM.

Knowing that reddit is full of government agents makes me suspicious of these types of posts.

Be patient with them, they are getting closer to the answer.


I guarantee you that somewhere out there, is a rightoid who is certain that the reason they don’t attack china is because China is behind the “middle east terrorists” (what a stupid way of phrasing that btw).

they would sooner resort to racism and spinning ever deeper and more intractable conspiracy theories than to acknowledge their media might be full of shit

I can only imagine how stupid the actual comments in that thread are.

No, I will not look.

Wait till the find out that Muslim separarist terrorists were attacking China, then the Chinese spent a bunch of effort on education and development in Xinjiang which put a stop to the attacks. And wait until they find out that the US doesn’t consider those terrorists terrorists.

“They’re not terrorists, they were mujahideen heros”. Until they turned on the USA

I like Rambo


The alphabet agencies are trying to make that happen I am sure. They did it in Libya and Syria. This person is not trying to figure that out, they are stating their wish.


Queue “muslim countries can’t be trusted”.

Surprised to see india and SK on grey. Also based turkey.

“The same map”

I would love to see these maps with survey results of people in each country rather than government spokespersons. Especially the EU where each member country has to agree.

deleted by creator

deleted by creator

Can someone post this to the original reddit thread? And update us what happens?

Because they don’t hate China’s freedoms, duh!

deleted by creator

Burn 🔥🔥🥵

bot account

You figured out!

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