I see they’ve taught their ghoul a new trick.

Apparently, Zelensky didn’t even say that and it was made up by the author of the “opinion post” (anti-China lab leak guy) https://twitter.com/Tom_Fowdy/status/1535898911319027713

From what I remember, in the interview with Zelensky a few days ago what he said was “We’re very interested in how the Chinese people and government see this, as they’re the only large nation which could influence Russia to stop this.”

Other sources from the mainland (and some pro-KMT sources in ROC) also mentioned him requesting multiple times to have a call with Xi which were apparently ignored lol.

If you’re a journalist, you deserve to be fired and barred from working in journalism ever again the instant you’re caught lying on an article. No exceptions.

Conveniently, that’s what “no freedom of the press” China does. And lo and behold, it’s “freedom of the press” US news outlets that produce the most shit.

“Freedom” actually means “no accountability” in the west

this is what you get when you ally with the west Zelensky, thrown under the bus to serve yankee imperial ambitions

Zelensky: huh, pissing off one superpower has been working really well for me, let’s go for two

Gonna be so sad when this guy gets murdered by neo Nazis from his own military.


No no, these are tears of sadness, not tears of uncontrollable laughter!

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Or even after to be honest


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