Why is this dude still in the country 😂

This is such a hilarious picture lmao. The hold me back bro energy in this is off the scale.

This screams SF2.

Looks like the people in the house are trying to stop Juan Guano from attacking the people outside.

US needs Venezuelan gas and Canada their minerals while it looks like their plans of using Columbia as their attack dog is falling apart. Time for Plan ‘B’, defending democracy by having the CIA assassinate Guano after several “failed” attempts on his person and excusing US military involvement.

funny bc when the US needed oil they didn’t even call gusán guaido.

also, I hate to be nitpicky but it’s ColOmbia :)

Nitpick away. No excuse for a misspelling like that. The misspelling of Guaido as Guano was purposeful though.

Lol guano was perfect and I would never dare correct that

Omg this community has the best nicknames lol. From Tinyman Square to Juan Guano, I can’t stop laughing at the names

GUANO AHEJJAJ I laughed really hard in. A crowded restaurant ndnfjdnrbjrhf


Wait I thought it was a meme. Is he actually recognized as a president?

it depends,
the USA? Yes
the venezuelan people? No

Blinkin tweeted that out a few hours ago. I thought they gave up on all that as well.

Realistically, if they would just attack him once, really well, then there wouldn’t be need for repeat attacks.

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