Websites could face mandatory anti-piracy technology upgrades every three years.

i like how piracy largely died because of how good netflix was, and now when it’s back because of hollywood gutting netflix and setting up a million streaming services no one can afford; they realize piracy is back and insist on dealing with piracy by cracking down on the users, instead of, you know, recognizing the reason for why it’s back, and offering the solution that actually worked the first time around.

I had a Netflix account for about 10 years. I never used it-- I just let a bunch of my really non-tech savvy friends/family use the account along with my VPN account to bypass region restrictions. Personally, I never stopped torrenting content for myself because I find it to be a far superior way of acquiring/viewing media than streaming.

But now? Now I’ve cancelled my Netflix account (3+ years ago) and I try to spend more time explaining to non-tech savvy people how to torrent. It’s like teaching a person how to fish-- it may be tricky at first but in the end once they get the hang of it, they’ll never stop.

Also, I stream movies/TV shows on demand for people via a popular VoIP application (I’m sure you can guess but please don’t say it, for obvious reasons) so if a friend wants to watch something, all they have to do is give me a movie/show title and time then I can set up a viewing for them.

Decentrilization is the key to reclaiming the web.

So good to see the Senate addressing the real problems facing America, as opposed to inflation or fuel prices.

How do they expect to have their laws applied to something that is global? They seem to forget that they don’t own / have control over everything.

A ton of stupid ppl believe that the USA is actually the whole world. But yeah, the like to enforce their laws worldwide.


For me, the whole world is every country except the US.

Yes, let’s put a bunch of withering luddites in charge of the Internet. 🙄

Let it come.

Decentralized web projects never took off for the same reason Netflix did take off - Ease of use.

This bill would destroy legitimate website’s ease of use, which gives cypherpunk tech a phat chunk of UX credit. This bill, if passed (or attached to a must-pass bill) could ironically put truly chaotic apps on the map for regular folk.

These dolts don’t even know how the internet works. They’re just getting paid by Warner Brothers to pass this legislation.

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