China continues to march forward on the rights of its minorities, ethnic and sexual. All the while U.S. state after U.S. state continues to illegalize trans peoples’ existences. It will be hard for liberal warhawks to continue to weaponize homonationalism whenever the U.S. is an out Christian theocracy throwing gay people off of buildings.

The idea of having meetings over the occurrences in other countries has always been strange to me.

Lmao they had to get an intern this time to put a Chinese name on their publication

Bruh,how about they worry about LGBT rights in their own country. Congress keep passing more and more anti-lgbtq laws. How does anyone fall for this virtue signaling while queer people keeps getting opressed by this same congress.

Oh, you mean how to cope with the fact that China, a historically very conservative country in terms of sexuality, is now advancing to be better at LGBTQ+ rights than your “progressive” country?

For real tho the social and cultural attitude change over there is incredible. I remember when even talking about LGBTQ+ issues were super taboo among the general public, but that’s going away right before our eyes!

Fun fact, the negative attitudes toward LGBTQ+ in China was effectively installed by European colonialism. China was way more accepting of that before Europeans came and forced their own beliefs on them. There was a great SCMP or CGTN (can’t remember which) article detailing the history of LGBTQ+ in China, how it became so taboo in more recent ages, and refuting the Western narrative that Taiwan is a “pioneer” in LGBTQ+ rights in Asia and somehow their legislation is first in Asian history. If anyone knows which article I’m talking about, please link it!

From what I head, Japan was about the same. It wasn’t uncommon for a man (usually a warrior) to marry just because they had to make an heir, but to have a male partner back in the feudal Japan. A lot of cultures were like that pre-Europe.

As I told my fiance (he’s German) once: “Europeans had some kind of reverse-Midas Touch; every single civilization you guys touched, it turned into shit.”

Based profile pic

In America; the yankees want to look at and touch the genitals of minors to prove a kid has a specific sex. In China; the people build hospitals and treatment centers for trans youth.

The yanks can shut the fuck up forever and ever and ever until the end of time about this one.

Behind the scene impasses = we didn’t find anything so it has to be the supernatural ability of the see see pee to conceal everything

Well they have been using the sea to conceal submarines

One problem of the West is that they like to use minorities to club opponents in the head with virtue-signaling.

From what I hear, the US itself is starting to pass a lot of anti-LGBT laws. Or, at least, trying to - but this might be just rumours. Furthermore, LGBT rights in China are improving in the past few years. It’s slow, but organic.

As sad as it sounds, if you try to force a change on a people (especially if it’s something like a Western nation using it to virtue-signal against another, non-Westoid nation), all it is going to do is cause resentment. And, as a gay man, I feel that doing that kind of politics pretty much reduces my status as that of a prop.

Just like in Cuba in 2018. They tried to pass a Constitutional reform on that matter and they saw more than half the population was against changing the family definition. Instead of using the Supreme Court like some outside NGO wanted, they used the Party, the Party’s Youth and other groups to go to every village in the country and talk to people to get support (props for Fidel’s daughter, Mariela Castro). Years later and they now are getting more support on that matter.

Precisely! Funny enough, the closest this is done in a Western nation is through what’s termed “forced inclusion”; because those people don’t seem to understand any concept if it isn’t coming from a screen, they half-ass some entertainment with queer or other minority characters of which their only trait is… being a minority.

And that makes the general public perceive it as both an attempt by the more well-intentioned Liberals to force it down their throats - resulting in a similar backlash - while makes folks like me just roll my eyes.

I always say that Cuba is the best example for Latin America. Although I believe some dash of Juche should be put on it… but I’m way off topic now, sorry.

Meanwhile, women in the US are losing rights with congress all-in on allowing it to happen.

Wait, the title doesn’t reflect what’s shown

yes I am doing a satire


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