I recently posted a video of the Jaleel Stallings case but a number of people without Google accounts want to see the video, and so I’d like to post it on another platform. Any recommendations?

@MerchantsOfMisery there’s the obvious one. Peertube, the Fediverse’s answer to Youtube


I have no clue how to make a PeerTube account. I’m trying to do that now and it’s asking me to choose an “instance” without explaining what that is. Then when I click the topics relevant to my videos, either no instances show up or those that do have a puny amount of users like 30.

edit: The video finally made it to Odysee. It is here

down daemon

good luck being flooded with right wing extremism, they love odysee

Yep, I’m starting to notice that. Disappointing.

it’s not suprising. right wing extremism is being deplatformed so they are looking for alternative platforms.



PeerTube is recommended a lot in open-source circles. It is a video streaming platform that supports peer-to-peer distribution of content and is part of the (APub) Fediverse. The experience is very hit-or-miss though, and highly depends on which instance you pick. Running it yourself is not as trivial as running, say, Lemmy, so it’s not for everybody.

Yeah I’m looking into PeerTube now and it’s pretty confusing compared to YouTube or Odysee. Like it’s telling me to choose an instance, without even explaining what an instance is… and then when I click the relevant topics… no instances pop up.

I really wish YouTube’s alternatives could understand why stuff like this ends up being a massive barrier for regular people. This is frustrating. I managed to upload my video to Odysee but now it’s stuck in this nebulous “confirming” page. So disappointing.


Yeah, onboarding is definitely a big problem with PeerTube and many other fediverse software.

You have PeerTube, which is the server and client software that allows you to upload, manage and view vídeos, à la YouTube, but whereas “traditional” platforms have just one big instance, the Fediverse platforms have multiple smaller instances that interconnect. You have your generic instances, but you also have more focused ones (specific topics like art, tech, or even for generic content related to a specific country/language). Unfortunately, the PeerTube network isn’t very rich and diverse yet, so restricting your search to very specific things may lead you no instances at all.

Hope this info helps! :3


Oof. That also annoys me. I didn’t even notice the site didn’t explain an instance.(I should probably issue a bug on GitHub; but I hate GitHub because Microsoft.)

PeerTube is referring to this definition of instance:

instance - an item of information that is typical of a class or group; “this patient provides a typical example of the syndrome”; “there is an example on page 10”

So, think of PeerTube as a class, and a site running PeerTube as the instance.

A federation system functions as a class-instance: There is a software (the class) that can be deployed by people on to sites, as instances. This software can operate with other instances of the software.

It’s what Lemmy uses.


Actually, the concept of PeerTube is explained on Joinpeertube.org:

Anyone with a modicum of technical skills can host a PeerTube server, aka an instance. Each instance hosts its users and their videos. In this way, every instance is created, moderated and maintained independently by various administrators.

But maybe it’s not clear enough.


Lemmy.ml itself is an “instance” of Lemmy, lol. This is just like when people think they need to make an account on Mastadon.social to have a Mastadon account.

I want to like peer tube, but as an old man, i find it impossible to navigate. Odyssey, seems, on the surface okay, until I’m bombarded with Trumper type people and their nonsensical content.

What i do, and don’t judge, is watch YouTube through the FreeTube app (invidious) in my defense, most of the YouTubers i follow, taught me how to do that, so i don’t feel guilty of ripping them off. There is one exception…there is a monthly YouTuber i watch that shows gay culture through the lense of old TV and movies …Matt Baum, and that makes me feel bad, but I really try to limit the reach of Google on my laptop.

I feel like peertube is still a beta program, like it’s not finished at all. Mostly UI wise.

I hope you are correct, sexy peaches! Honestly, i want to love peer tube…i just have a hard time with it right now.

PS…(if you remember me) i upgraded my x220 Thinkpad memory…i didn’t even need the article you shared with me…it was that easy! Yes, the machine is boxy and not glamorous, but something should be said when even I can upgrade an old machine into something pretty snappy for $100. I’m a Thinkpad user for life!

Wow that is so great to hear! It’s a wonderful computer. You are running linux on it I guess? Does it have an SSD?

I’m running Arch i bought it for it’s size to carry and i need the wifi. It still has the hard drive, but I’m not a huge speed needer, the memory is because i like to use virtualization sometimes. I’m gonna pass on the ssd

You should reaaaaally get an SSD, you would probably save power as well, because it’s not as active. Also it would be 397598374x faster ^^

Completely understand…But I’m more interested in getting Parabola with working wifi (no dongle please!) Then increase speed. Also…the battery life with HDD currently is amazing compared to my T430 with SSD which i use at home anyway.

Thaank you, glad I’m not the only one who feels lost trying to navigate Peertube…

I wouldn’t consider myself a “content creator” but I do post YouTube videos and I wouldn’t be upset at all if people watched my videos through something like FreeTube or NewPipe. I just want people to see/hear what I’m posting.

That’s wonderful for me to hear. I would have no problem with a donation link…but google, i absolutely don’t want to be a part of it (as much as that is possible)

I just tried to post my video to Odysee and it keeps failing…

peertube is getting better and better. odysee is also not bad, but has other issues.

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