Think i figured out my ping problem.

Housemate has been downloading a lot of stuff for the past 3 days and i’ve been getting 350 ping (srsly) and 0.65 mpbs download speeds (srsly). Worse ping i’ve gotten today was 600. Sometimes Qwant search fails search due to ‘network conditions’.

When they’re not using the internet, no connection problems.

The router is in my room and im the one on the isp contract. Some of my devices lose connect when i walk 5m away but not others. Furthermore, putting half a faraday cage around my router only slows down connect to some of my devices but not others. Not entirely sure why.

My router doesn’t have any mbps control settings.

Already tried the obvious stuff of talking to housemate about it.

I’d be nice if i had at least 5mbps to work with, and i’d think if i slowed down their connection it’d free up some for me.

Worst case, i could buy like another router that has a mbps control function, but it’d be nice if it’s cheap af.

You might be able to flash free firmware to your router like dd-wrt ( and get better options. Not a hard thing to do if you’ve ever installed an OS or are good at following directions.

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