$15 billion in GPUs doesn’t cover other parts

GPUpocalypse is coming :) (when $15b worth of GPUs are dumped on second hand market duet to cryptocurrencies collapse or them not begin financially viable for mining any more)

What city’s (nation’s?) annual resource consumption and CO₂e emissions does $15b worth of GPU manufacture and subsequent mining most closely represent?

The GPUs will probably mostly be resold, so aren’t completely wasted.

Will they not be very used and not so good anymore?

Mining on a GPU does tend to decrease its total lifespan but doesn’t significantly impact its performance in the meantime. But even a heavily used GPU will often last a long time.

GPU prices are already falling, can’t wait for the drop when the used ones from suddenly not financially viable mining farms start hitting the market.

Buy the (GPU) dip!

At the same time more players are entering the GPU field. Intel is building a discrete GPU for the first time and there are a few new Chinese companies.

Intel has been trying to make a GPU forever, they suck at it really bad.

Intel sold those crappy HD graphics chips for years. But their latest Iris and Xe onboard graphics are suprisingly good, and Arc discrete cards might not suck either.


I said the same thing on Mastodon earlier today… I might finally be able to build a new PC to replace my 7 year old system.

So “hodl” of buying one until prices really drop? :p

Lol. This is not GPU-investment advice, etc etc. 😉

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