Humans aren’t supposed to eat grass. The silicates in the leaves destroy your teeth. Ruminants have special silica-resistant chompers.

Source: tried to chew on grass and it felt gritty and horrible compared to normal veg.

I could be wrong but i think “The North Korean government is in shambles” is genuinely an anti-comm copypasta. They put it in every convo abt that country like they’re leaving a quote on GameFAQs

My bussy tastes like vanilla icecream presumably

Only one way to find out, comrade😅😉

Is there a name besides poseur for these poseurs? Freaking hammer and sickle edge lord.

Poser, edgelord, anarchist, all of these work

Because they’ve never seen someone weed a garden before. Presumably because their parents have their wage slave migrant workers do it at their family mansion, and only when the children aren’t watching.

my dad grew up in a trailer park in arkansas he used to eat grass and crickets but its not bad when it happens here


If you google ‘North Korean man picking grass’ you get this (stock) photo and other pictures of people, sometimes in uniform, doing the same. Turns out it’s just people doing lawn work.

Ffs even Fox News has an article about these people that is surprisingly normal.

But a ‘source: trust me bro’ pic is all that’s needed I guess.

The USA government is in shambles. These US citizens are saluting a flag (presumably to have sex with later).

I live in US regime, can confirm that’s 110% true, conservatives frequently have sex with the flag. Not kink shaming, but they always role play as a cop or GI beforehand. And the worst part is that they never stop role playing

They can’t stop role playing, the government forces them to keep role playing at the barrel of a gun all day for no money.

This gave me flashbacks to Trump hugging and kissing a flag at one of his loony cult rallies.


Man in DPRK: touches grass.

Anarchists: “What is this totalitarian nonsense?”

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Also, notice that the guy has a pretty decent suit of clothes. Which would suggest that, even if he really is foraging for food (which I doubt), the Korean government is still trying to take care of its citizens, to the best of its ability.

don’t they all take turns in caring for the land? like to and from work and that sort of thing

“Under communism there will be no foraging!”

These comrades have never done an iota of gardening in their lives, or they would recognize a man pulling weeds to keep the lawn healthy.

To be fair though, lawn care is suburban mayo shit

Suburbia is an abomination and needs to disappear. But in general there is nothing wrong with some nice landscaping, parks and well maintained general greenery in cities for the public’s enjoyment. I’m a big fan of public parks and green spaces.

Agreed. It’s the individualistic suburban yards that are the problem. Shared spaces being well maintained is a boon to the community.

Edit: And just to be clear, no one is saying you can’t have wildflower fields, which are excellent for our pollinator kin, also.

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I wish people gave enough of a shit here to actually try and keep the streets presentable, my city has blown over rubbish overflowing on the streets constantly and all the greenery is overgrown and ugly in the public parks, many of which are gated off and not accessable to the public.


I live in the UK

deleted by creator

KiG V2

I’m all for picking up litter, and weeding to save plants you purposefully want like vegetables or flowers. But if I had the displeasure of having a grass lawn I would let it go to shit. When I think of “lawn care” like KGB says I think of those insufferable, meticulous, wasteful lawns and the insane amount of gas/electricity, fertilizers/pesticides/chemicals and time/energy goes into suburbanites trying to out-American Psycho each other and distract themselves with status, petty drama and wasteful self-inflicted chores so they don’t notice the growing abyss in their heart and mind.

My fam has big lawn and I mostly take care of it these days. But parts of it are dead rn and some parts tend to get overgrown. I tried planting a bunch of crop secretly on the dead parts but it hasn’t worked. Wanna try growing wheat all over where the tall grass is outback. Having a small lawn is prob ok as somewhere nice to hang out. Big one is waste of human energy and really the people who have big ones aren’t the ones maintaining it.

They never touched grass

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