Unions might not be the tech giant’s biggest labor threat.

The report warned that Amazon’s labor crisis was especially imminent in a few locales, with internal models showing that the company was expected to exhaust its entire available labor pool in the Phoenix, Arizona, metro area by the end of 2021

Bruh it sounds like the way dairy farmers talk about their cows.

This whole thing does sound like imperialism is fundamental to capitalism.

Is this when amazon starts pushing the gov to take in more temp foreign workers?

this is the most late stage capitalism statement i’ve heard this year

Wonder why they all shout we need to make more children, and here in Europe they are already talking about welcoming Ukrainian refugees in the millions, who know why

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  1. We’re trying to improving working conditions and pay.

  2. We’re trying to reduce the numbers of hours a person has to work.

  3. We talk about the end of paid work being mandatory for survival.


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