Ratette (she/her)

If the US and imperial core and its allies spent less time trying to theory craft ideas based on Kim’s cabinet changes like fucking soothsayers (‘This could be a sign that Kim is interested in reviving negotiations.’) and instead concentrated on their own economies then we might… ah fuck it, we’d still be getting fucked because recessions are part of capitalism and why would the ruling class actively give a shit about us over profit 😒

I worry about the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea constantly.

I worry that shit-ass Western countries will try to fight them again.

I don’t worry about them being based because I already know that they are.

“Rocket man has been firing rockets”

Just straight up superliminal conditioning now

Anyone wondering why western news headlines are… Always formatted like that?

Kim’s quote hits hard

You better watch out from North Korea, Kim Jung will appear again with new drip

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