Yes, domaisn lthat literally screw people. Like gambling, MLM or plain scams. Astrology too.


When my company switched to this new electronic medical record I had to take a bunch of online classes. One of them was how to bill my patients for the services I was providing as I documented during the shift.

I remember announcing loudly during the in-class portion that as a nurse I know they and the insurance are pulling fuckery on the billing end but the moment they directly involve the direct care staff such as myself I would bill 0 every time until fired then go work for someone else.

I must not have been the only person upset about it because I never heard anything further.

I got into this shit to help people and I know American Healthcare makes that almost impossible but don’t directly involve me in your financial fuckery ffs. If I could work for a company that just circumvented the health insurance entirely I would but there’s literal laws against that in america because fuck you that’s why.

I’ll never work for HCA though. Literally over my dead fucking body. Fuck HCA with a ten foot pole.

Chinese companies including bytedance

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