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A lot of people are trying to get some kind of fame online. It could be people trying to imitate their favorite Instagram celebrity. Obviously people would like to be in a similar position as that celebrity. But some people spend a lot of hours per day trying to take really good selfies and probably won’t ever get fame or fortune.

It does strike me as kind of a libertarian kind of thing.


she already said everything i wanted to. :P


Why do you think this is directly related to the accumulation of capital in the hands of few and / or libertarian ideals of economic freedom?

In pretty much all societies there are some people going to extreme lengths to fit to some sort of ideal of fame and often subsequently relative wealth. This happened in Soviet states as well with sports and other performance “stars”.

I also don’t think people striving for fame would be unimaginable in an Anarchist society, even if accumulating excessive wealth is going to be difficult in such.

The “successful” ones really make a lot of money off it, so their personality is pretty much their product (you could call it a form of prostitution)

Are you an Anarchist? The answer might surprise you!


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