With lawn mower this time, or is it flamethrower again?


In case anyone wants it without the text.


Kim Yo-Jong: unkillable

I see theyre taking notes from kpop music videos now

Yeonmi Park gunning for Zenz’s job again

Will western libs suddenly start simping for Best Korea if Kim Yo-jong was to suddenly succeed Kim Jong Un?

Same old racism and anti-communism, but a whole lot hornier. (Seriously, don’t look at the stuff they put out when everybody thought that Kim Jong-Un was dead and his sister was supposed to be the “heir apparent.”)

I don’t even want to imagine


-Asian woman

-Head of a state, in Asia

-That state is socialist, anti-American, and allied with China

Pretty much a reddit identity crisis

Girlboss Power is when old white woman opress minorities😤😤😤

Ah, silly me

No. They’ll be like ‘I support girl power but not like this’.

Remember a couple years ago when they said he shot an orchestra conducted 98 times? 😂

A lib friend told me that and I laughed out loud, then they told me they were serious and I had to explain how Onion-esque that sounds and imagine how funny it would be to reload several times, continually interrupting whatever event is happening to keep shooting a dead body, it’s ridiculous

if I was in attendance I probably would have gotten bored after the 9th bullet and just went back to my business, whichever that may be.

Is this a real one or can we expect two more shining examples of Juche Necromancy?

They’ll be up and about again in 3 days. 🙏 praise be to Kim.

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