Hello people, I wanted to inform you that together with several Latin American colleagues we applied for the project that the developers of Lemmy did a few months ago about the free instance for a year and for which we were chosen.

If you read the rules to participate in this project, you will see that the instance does not have to take any defined political position and has to be one of general use. We made the decision to form a space where the Latin American community can form ties and exchange ideas in a place that respects their privacy away from the US monopolies.

As many of us who are part of the project know, we have anti-capitalist ideologies and support proletarian revolution around the world. In this way we also support and allow the development and fostering of Marxist communities within Lemilat, but it should be remembered that it is not a Marxist Leninist body, so we ask all those who wish to participate to maintain decorum in the face of the multiplicity of individuals who may participate here.

Without further ado, welcome!


This is a Dengist community in favor of Bashar al-Assad with no information that can lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton, our fellow liberal and queen. This community is not ironic. We are Marxists-Leninists.

If you havenโ€™t already found it, this GitHub page is an excellent collection of sources about socialism, imperialism, and other relevant topics, made by @dessalines and others.

We have a Matrix homeserver and a private Matrix room. See this thread for more information.

Affiliated Discord!


No ableism, racism, misogyny, etc.

No being pro-Amerikkka

No being an electoralist or a lib (of course)

Moderator discretion

This community is explicitly pro-AES

No dogmatism/idealism (Permanent Revolution type stuff, anarchism, etc.)

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