That is the trick that the American imperialists use as a whataboutism to prove the inferiority of Communism. The problem is that it relies heavily on indoctrination disguised as factual information in American schools and fake news. If the Americans look at sources other than the testimony of fake refugees, Western schools, Western universities, or fake news, then they could find contradicting information about the false narrative about the 1989 false flag massacre. Even within the false narrative by the NATO state terrorist, a person with critical thinking could see through the unrealistic events and inconsistency in the false narrative.

The original photos by the Western journalists about the event also reveal that the Chinese Communist Party had build a public memorial of the false flag massacre, the ability of Western jouranlists to freely take photos without consequence in front of the PLA, the ability of the victim’s family to visit victim of mass shooting in government controlled hospitals, the PLA targeted attack towards specific people which reveals that PLA did not indiscriminately kill civilains, and the contextual description of the tankman photo that state that the tanks did not run over dissenters. (

“Tinyman Circle. Gommies owned epicly 😎😎”

don’t forget about the Tiananmen Tesseract™

I fully support 4 dimensional communism

Lmao, Star Trek producers are going to steal this from you for the next time they put a Borg Cube in an episode.

Unfortunately I also stole it from someone else so fair enough lol

Our memes tbf.

Smfh, tankies not realizing that the existence of squares is inherently oppressive. The only allowed shapes are circles and polygons that don’t have 4 equal sides.

oh, a torture camp in cuban soil you say? well that one doesn’t count

“You silly tankies, you are INFERIOR to US because you… thwarted our colour revolution attempt…”

Nice when the dumbest people imaginable think you’re dumb.

It’s what I hate about Reddit and online liberals in general. They get so fucking smug and haughty even when they have zero idea what they’re talking about.

It’s almost like they’re proud to be a lot of brainwashed, misinformed homunculi.

Americans could not be more overconfident. Why would they think they know anything when they do nothing to educate themselves? I guess that’s what happens when your only ideology is ‘things just happen’.

If you just obtain info from non MSM sources and don’t get your news from Facebook, you’ll be smarter than like 99% of Americans.

Edit: non MSM sources that analyze material conditions. Not like or whatever.

Kwame Ture talks about this. He argues Americans are conditioned to accept other people’s opinions. It’s in a video, which I don’t have a link to. I saw it on Twitter yesterday, in a commemorative post of his quotes if that helps anyone find it. (It would have been his birthday, I think.) To paraphrase (I doubt it is much different elsewhere in the West):

Ask a college graduate if they have heard of Hitler. Yes.

Ask a college graduate if Hitler is bad. Yes.

Ask a college graduate whether they have read anything written by Hitler. No (3% have).

So how do they know Hitler was bad? Someone told them.

The college system teaches people by giving them summaries.

If the college student is capable of reading the summary, they should be able to read the primary source, but the system does not lead students to read primary sources. The only acceptable literature is literature that has been pre-digested.

great source, please send me the bibliography entry in BibTeX format

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