On my days off I don’t want to rush and try to like jam so many things in. Also I feel like I’m tired from my days of working.

It does make me feel bad though, that on my days off I haven’t done much. Not being productive eniugh. Criticize by my inner capitalist/#hustlegang nonsense.

Not being productive should not make you feel guilty. All of us need downtime, no exceptions.

The idea that you need to be productive at all times is you internalizing capitalism’s value systems. If your time off helps you reset and feel more at ease, more happy with your life, to recenter your balance, hell even to make you more productive when productivity matters it is serving a good purpose and should be celebrated, not a cause for concern.

Soviet Snake

All day, every day.

Try doing just one productive or creative thing every day off. Plan things to do in advance.

It’s normal. Humans are animals after all, most animals have extensive periods of just laying around, grooming each other, not doing much. You should work less (if you can, haha :/), if you want to have more drive to do stuff outside of work.

staying put and doing nothing is safe. forcing unnatural action could lead to catastrophe in some cases.

  1. We’re trying to improving working conditions and pay.

  2. We’re trying to reduce the numbers of hours a person has to work.

  3. We talk about the end of paid work being mandatory for survival.


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