Début de la Grève de la Faim de Libre Flot
« Ce Dimanche 27 Février, notre ami Libre Flot a décidé d’entammer une grève de la faim alors qu’il est toujours enfermé et à l’isolement dans la prison de Bois d’Arcy (78). Nous retransmettons un (...)

Below, a quick translation of the article:

This sunday february 27t, our friend Libre Flot [free flow] has decided to start a hunger strike while he is still imprisoned and held in isolation in the prison of Bois d’Arcy. We share a communique from him, to share widely.


For more than 14 months i have refuted this infamous and defamatory accusation of criminal/terrorist association.

For more than 14 months, the DGSI [secret services] has told me i was not arrested for what they wanted me to believe, that is my involvement with the armed kurdish forces against Daech in Rojava.

For more than 14 months, nothing validates the theory elaborated out of thin air by the DGSI, despite for at least 10 months being followed, tracked and under surveillance 24/24 in my vehicle, my residence, spied upon even in my own bed.

For more than 14 months i understand that it’s my political opinions and my participation with the kurdish forces of YPG in the struggle against Daech that they try to criminalize.

For more than 14 months they accuse 7 persons, who don’t even all know one another, of being a criminal association.

For more than 14 months, i have answered the questions of a judge using the same insidious techniques as the DGSI: manipulation, decontextualisation, omission, and invention of words and actions in the attempt to influence answers.

For more than 14 months, i endure the provocations of this same judge who, while i’m rotting in the cages of the Republic, dares to say this case is a waste of his time in the fight against terrorism. Even worse, he dares the most unacceptable insult by refering to the barbarians of the Islamic State as my « friends from Daech ». Although it’s only spoken words, it’s still an incredible violent act. It’s inadmissible that this judge takes the right to insult me in this manner, slanders me, and spits on the memory of my comrades and friends, kurdish, arabs, assyrians, turkmen, aermanians, turks and internationals fallen in the fight against this organization. I remain to this day scandalized!

For more than 14 months, this partial [biased] investigation has seen the judge, contrary to his role, only building a case against, and never in defense. He does not even consider what falls out of the pre-established scenario and only serves to validate a fake personality formed from A to Z by the DGSI, which is far from representing me and only reflects the paranoid fantasies of this political police. Thus, they always present me as « the charismatic leader » despite any non-horizontal mode of organization is contrary to my egalitarian principles.

For more than 14 months, i’ve been imprisoned without a trial and i’ve faced terrible conditions: life in isolation (see my letters from March and June 2021) is considered “white torture”, an inhumane or degrading treatment by several instances of human rights.

For more than 14 months, i’ve been buried alive in an infernal and permanent solitude without anyone to talk to, just being able to contemplate the crumbling of my intellectual capacity and the degradation of my physical state, and all of that without benefiting from any psychological support.

After giving under fakely-neutral pretenses some fallacious arguments to the prison administration to ensure i would remain in isolation, the judge asks for rejecting my demand to be released, just like the national anti-terrorist parquet [tribunal]. To this end, they take in almost copy/paste the report from DGSI dated February 7th 2020, the basis for all this case, whose information we don’t know where they come from and whose veracity has not been demonstrated. We’re entitled to wonder what use were the taps, the surveillance, the microphones, and these two years of investigation since the facts that debunk DGSI’s dishonest construction are hidden.

The national anti-terrorist parquet and the judge never cease to try and instill confusion and create conflation with islamic terrorists, although they know quite well i have fought against the Islamic State, for example during the liberation of Raqqa, where the attacks of November 13th [2015] had been planned.

The judge pretends to fear that i inform imaginary people of my situation, despite this situation being public notably because the DGSI or the anti-terrorist parquet themselves have leaked the information from the very first day. It pretends in this manner to prevent any pressure on witnesses, victims and their families, all the while there are no witness, no victim because there is no act. This is crazy. He also mentions his fear of a coordination between the people investigated in this case, even though all these other co-accused have been freed, he has not interrogated anyone beside me since october 2021, and that i waited patiently for him to finish questioning me to push forward my request for liberation.

I could be comical in other circumstances to witness the use of ordinary facts of life in a criminal case against someone such as: enjoying my right to circulate freely across France and Europe, my lifestyle, my political opinions, my sports practices, my taste for militant rap or kurdish music.

The judge attacks my mom by designating her as not being a valid guarantee [that i will not flee], for the simple reason she did not prevent her 33 year-old son to join the Kurdish forces of YPG in the fight against Daech. Once again, it’s my participation in this conflict that’s being criminalized. They also reproach her to use encrypted apps (Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram…) like millions of people do in France. Finally, he refuses an entire bloc of all other options for guarantees (work, housing…) without having anything to criticize, despite the SPIP [prison and conditional-freedom administration] workers whose job it is, have rendered a positive opinion.

How then can we understand that after asking for investigation of the possibility to free me have underlined the possibility of me wearing an electronic tag, the judge of Freedom and Detention despite this report refuses to implement it? We are many people witnessing in this case that « justice » violates its own laws and is subdued to the political agenda of the DGSI.

I recently learned from the same director of detention in the prison of Bois d’Arcy, who i thank for being honest, that my imprisonment and keeping in isolation were decided from the first day by very high-ranked people and no matter what i say and no matter what he says or do, nothing would change, this is above him, the requests won’t even be read and i will remain in isolation and nothing will ever change before the presidential elections [spring 2022].

Since they try to criminalize militants who fought with the Kurds against Daech,

Since they use pre-trial detention in the goal of punishing political opinions,

Since this case only exists for the aim of political manipulation,

Since today they leave me with the only perspective of the slow destruction of my being,

I am declaring i am on hunger strike since sunday february 27th 2022 at 6pm. At this time i only ask for my immediate liberation, before i can prove [in front of a tribunal] the fallacious side of this shameful accusation.

Libre Flot.

Because our friend Libre Flot still rots in isolation for more than 14 months and he chose to strike back with a hunger strike, let’s not leave him alone in this dirty political game. It’s now that it’s necessary to show our support, by spreading his word and by any means possible!

We will not wait without reaction for the next elections so that they finally free him!

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