Comrades, ProleWiki is a project that began in September 2020 in which we use MediaWiki, the same software that Wikipedia uses, to create a collaborative encyclopedia on Marxism-Leninism in particular and Marxist thought in general.

We began with just a few Lemmygrad comrades and articles, and grew to up to 1,041 pages and more than 10,468 edits inside our wiki in less than two years. We are happy to be growing after all these years, however, we haven’t been able to achieve the true potential of this project, and we believe we can grow it further.

During this time, we have learned that ProleWiki can not only be a great resource for those who are new to Marxism-Leninism, but also a resource to deepen our studies. By sharing our knowledge, we make sure that it never ends on us, and thus, making sure our ideas survive, transforming individual knowledge into collective knowledge. We learn by seeing others’ contributions, improving their articles, and critiquing them in a comradely manner when necessary. Developing the articles motivate us to research and annotate the sources of our claims, which invariably improves our knowledge on the subject, while leaving the sources open for a critical review of the information presented.

In our era, we are still presented with the historical task of overcoming exploitation in our society and achieving a social system capable of providing the material needs to fulfill the potential of all human lives, irrespective of race, gender, nationality and other identities. This is why we need to unite our efforts in studying and developing an accessible understanding of Marxism, so that this knowledge becomes available to more people until this historical task becomes evident to the working class, and class struggle can reach newer grounds.

For this purpose, we are reaching to comrades from GenZedong so that the community can create an account if they wish to do so, and share their thoughts both here and inside ProleWiki (if you have an account), or in the ProleWiki community in Lemmygrad, how we can grow ProleWiki’s efforts. Hasta la victoria, siempre!


Nice wiki! It might be fruitful to reach out to leftypedia and propose collaboration.

Camarada Forte

If you’re able to, please do so, we would appreciate your effort.

I believe some Wikipedia editors can be recruited too, there are many Marxists there as well, and we can find them by checking these userboxes and clicking “linked pages” to see which users use it, then analyzing their contributions.

We can also find them by reading articles from Wikipedia and seeing which articles bring actually relevant information about Marxism or Marxism-Leninism then using the Who Wrote What? extension to see which users wrote what sections.

After gathering this information, we can easily contact them by using Wikipedia itself or any contact they might leave there.

Sent one!

Camarada Forte

All glory to communism 👏👏👏

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This is a Dengist community in favor of Bashar al-Assad with no information that can lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton, our fellow liberal and queen. This community is not ironic. We are Marxists-Leninists.

If you haven’t already found it, this GitHub page is an excellent collection of sources about socialism, imperialism, and other relevant topics, made by @dessalines and others.

We have a Matrix homeserver and a private Matrix room. See this thread for more information.


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