And that doesn’t even include all the emissions from manufacturing the west outsourced to places like China.

As a Saudi I am disappointed

But remember, it’s those Third-World people who probably consume far less in a lifetime than we do in a week who are overpopulated and causing environmental problems! /s

deleted by creator


It says the source right on the graphic: its the world bank.

Source at the bottom says world bank. The style of the infographic also looks like Statistica.


Let’s break down emissions per capita in regions of China… I am sure Beijing, Shanghai etc. will not look any better. Its a very convenient excuse for the pundits from China that some rural poor in remote regions push down the per capita average (same story in India).

Ultimately per-capita or historic emissions etc. are all irrelevant as the total world emissions is what is causing climate change. If someone starts talking about the former is is immediately clear that they are just making excuses and are part of the problem and not the solution.

China is literally the only major economy that has a plan to transition of fossils that’s being actively implemented right now.

You’re also missing that a very large part of Chinese manufacturing and Chinese resource extraction goes directly to the West. By your logic, should those not be counted as the West’s emissions?


Counted for what? Sure, ultimately those are largely the responsibility of the west (but also China’s as they are intentionally undercutting companies working in the west by subsidizing energy costs from their dirty coal power plants for example), but in the end that doesn’t really matter as global warming does not care about who is responsible…

but in the end that doesn’t really matter as global warming does not care about who is responsible…

Luckily China is also leading the world on green technology, picking up the slack for the West who are burying their heads in the sand.

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