China rallies support for Kylin Linux in war on Windows
openKylin project is latest chapter in Beijing's love-hate relationship with Redmond

Good article, but I was more intrigued by the mention of Windows 10 China Government Edition ( Quick little read.

China investing into Linux and RISC-V are the two best things to happen to tech in a while.

Several RISC-V SBC use one of the Alibaba Libre Hardware cores (C906 if I remember correctly).

I would be glad if the SoCs were also Libre Hardware though.

Yeah same, SoC really seems like the future just because it’s so efficient compared ot having separate components communicating over a bus.

Glad to see they rebased onto the Linux kernel (was originally on FreeBSD). The MIT and BSD licenses are trash and only invite corporate greed.

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The guy is off his rockers. He went so far anti-capitalist he ended up embracing capitalist supporting licenses, in a hurricane of points loosely strung together.

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Cool, now can China invest in fixing 1000 upstream bugs in Gnome, KDE, Wayland, Pipewire, LibreOffice, NextCloud, Firefox, and so on? Also, could they develop open source drives and firmware for all the hardware they are exporting? I am not sarcastic. I just wonder why all this big players that use Linux create an own Distribution, but beside from that, not doing much.

It’s probably because those with decision making authority have no idea what open source is and how it works.

That being said, China is a huge contributor to open source. For example Huawei and Alibaba are among top kernel contributors.

Hwawei has been called out for KPI farming on the Linux kernel (i.e. lots of bogus contributions to boost their support numbers):

There’s some more insight on this Hackernews thread where an ex-Samsung employee defends Hwawei and notes it’s not intentionally KPI farming, but rather poor internal performance tools.

I would gladly be proven wrong, but a quick Google search doesn’t discuss any concrete contributions Hwawei makes (only Git simple git diff metrics, which fall under the discussions linked above)

If this is about the KPI boosting or backdoor, then this is misinformation. I wrote about this a couple years ago.

Your post on r/privatelife was about Hwawei trying to push a backdoor into the kernel (you’re right, I haven’t seen any concrete evidence of this), but this post is about KPI farming and cleanup commits. They seem like mutually exclusive scenarios to me.

It is more related in terms of the accusatory intent than you think, if you recognise the timing of USA’s trade war escalation on Huawei (and the year long kidnapping of CFO) and the further escalation that was done by Trump and other North American racists regarding origin of COVID.

Huawei is not the only one. Almost all software companies have some KPI that employees are farming. (speaking from experience here)

Big Tech companies probably do more KPI boosting than Huawei does, but Huawei is bad because China bad. It always comes down to this, because those racists can never be racist enough, and always play to the tune of whatever their favourite news channel or political party teaches them.

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I hope the Governments of other countries do the same. Trusting Windows with Government related stuff is a mistake, Linux on the other hand can be a very trustworthy alternative if they set it up securely enough(for example, prioritizing security modules like SELinux/AppArmor, Yama and such).

Turkey has a pretty ambitious plan for Linuxification. Same with the Münich city government in Germany.

Helix 🧬

Same with the Münich city government in Germany.

However, they failed with their LiMuX project in the past, since the politicians got coffers of money from Microsoft. No shit, it was not a technical failure, but they completely fucked up the IT department in terms of resources and then blamed it on Linux.

And they still do it! See this for LiMuX news:


Munich City Councilor Judith Greif complains that the Information Technology Department of the Bavarian capital is not committed to the new course toward free software that was adopted after a change of government. The IT coordinator of the Green Party refers to a demand of the city council, for instance, according to which the department should propose five projects that could be realized as Open Source in the short term. These have already been named – “But nothing has happened since then.”


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