We disavow but not really.The Gravel Institute's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtOx6dW_0vU&ab_channel=TheGravelInstituteCheck out my Patreon: https:...

Lol Adam Something is a clown and a liar. He literally claimed that the USSR was the 4th Axis Power. Other gems of his are “russian imperialism is worse than US imperialism” and “actually nuclear war wouldnt be that bad”, along with parroting literal ukrainian government propaganda that not even the western media believes. Plus hes a former altright. Nothing that comes out of his mouth is to be trusted.

so I guess winning the war was just team killing?

this video is Nazi apologia

adam something is a liberal

A scratched liberal, if you know what I mean

This community is an Adam Something free zone.


I don’t know who Adam something is, but this video is concise and accurate in its criticisms.

The gravel institute honestly wasn’t hard enough


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