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un recordatorio del estado de la distribucion de tierra, solo por si a alguien se le habia olvidado

In one of Parenti’s lectures, he suggests Pinochet was supported to overthrow Allende because Allende tried to redistribute 4-6% of the 1%'s wealth.

What do you think will happen in Colombia? Can Petro(?) redistribute land without that happening? Will they have to start very slowly? Or would it be better to go for mass redistribution straight away?

Soviet Snake

There’s a Colombian comrade on Lemilat who probably can give a better answer but I do not think the new president will take any such measures, he is not a communist.

Soviet Snake, is there a server issue with Lemilat at the moment? I’m getting a 502 bad gateway (I am unsure if this is usual because today is the first time I have tried to click through).

Soviet Snake

Yesterday some nazis signed up on Lemilat to spam on Lemmygrad, maybe they’re doing DDoSing us, too, I’m going to check it out.

Unfortunately I saw some of their posts.

I hope it is not too difficult for you to fix.


Ah, I was a little too optimistic, then. 😟

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