Residente - This is Not America (Official Video) ft. Ibeyi
Residente - This is Not America (Official Video) ft. IbeyiMúsica:Apple Music: Spotify: https://Residente...

Victor Jara

Oh and… This is really weird for me. I dont know why, but it’s a testament to the brilliance of the video.

Im a cracker yankee for context.

Anyway. The scene where the Bolsenaro looking guy eating a steak and wiping his mouth with the flag next to him triggered a visceral angry reaction in me.

What a video. What a work of art. What a world where such a piece even needs to exist. 😶

Soviet Snake

The lyrics go about the plethora of atrocities committed by the US to Latin America, I will try to provide some translation later if I can, but this part is pretty relevant:

America is not just the USA, papá

This is from Tierra del Fuego to Canada

You have to be very brute, very hollow (in the head)

It’s like saying that Africa is just Morocco.

Obviously it doesn’t rhyme when translated.

Not just the US, but imperialism throughout history, from the Spanish to Pinochet. The scene where it showed the native man held spread eagle like Túpac Amaru in particular is so powerful if you know the history.

Yeah. Im on my phone, but I was gonna get around to finding english translations when I had the chance.

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