Russia supports AES countries critically, despite a lot of power held by Orthodox Church, and them being the one force that wants to crush Nazis in Ukraine, and oppose fascists that are NATO and its supporters. Anti-LGBT stuff does not run too well, but LGBT coming to support Nazis in Ukraine does not run well either, right?

TL;DR there are nuances and being a morally integral critical thinker with education on subject matters.

LGBT coming to support Nazis in Ukraine does not run well either, right?

That might change soon

Ah yes Sophie Williams who lies so much.

Thank you for the link. Anyway, I’ll be curious about the outcome of the petition, even though my expectations are not that high.

If only Russia supported AES encryption

I’m beginning you to read Mao

When imperialism launches a war of aggression against such a country, all its various classes, except for some traitors, can temporarily unite in a national war against imperialism. At such a time, the contradiction between imperialism and the country concerned becomes the principal contradiction, while all the contradictions among the various classes within the country (including what was the principal contradiction, between the feudal system and the great masses of the people) are temporarily relegated to a secondary and subordinate position.

The US/West/Nato/Colonialism/GlobalImperialism is the driving force behind instability worldwide. Any country has issues, but standing up the this bloc is always a good thing.

I read this quote as saying that once imperialist Russia invades Ukraine, class struggle in Ukraine gets put on hold. All Ukrainians must unite against imperialist Russian invaders, and internal right-left politics stop mattering.

deleted by creator

Well NATO can either help or hinder Ukraine’s self defense, or even do nothing, but what NATO does or doesn’t do doesn’t change the core imperative; all invaders out of Ukraine.

The soviet union was also not very leftist. It had socialist policies but they seem to have forgotten the purpose of socialism quite fast.

You justify your username.

Absolutely. The amount of people here that’re supporting Russia’s invasion because it’s “Anti Imperialist” are outta their fuckin’ minds.

I don’t understand why people think we have to take a side in every conflict.

It’s like the Iraq-Iran war.

yes, pls, thank you 🙏

i believe there is potential greatness in russia, as its people are the architects of arguably the greatest worker-centered revolution ever, but the current state of things is not… that 😬


I agree 100%.

Now do China.

No country is without problems, and certainly not modern Russia. Losurdo however very succinctly states (in 2017!) why Russia’s “imperialism” cannot be compared to that of the West:

the history of Russia in general — not just of Soviet Russia, but of Russia in general — is, on the one hand, the history of an imperial and expansionist power, but there is another aspect to this historical reality: Russia has been at risk of becoming a colony for a very long time. We all know about the invasions by Hitler, by Napoleon, by Charles XII, by the Mongols. For example, if we remit ourselves back to the beginning of the 17th century, it was the Polish who exercised power in Moscow. Immediately after World War I — after the defeat of Tsarist Russia — Russia was in danger of being balkanized, of becoming a colony. Here I quote Stalin, who said that the West saw Russia like they saw Central Africa, that they were trying to drag it into war for the sake of Western capitalism and imperialism.

The end of the Cold War, with the West and the United States triumphant, once again put Russia at risk of becoming a colony. Massive privatization was not only a betrayal of the working classes of the Soviet Union and Russia, it was also a betrayal of the Russian nation itself. The West was trying to take over Russia’s massive energy deposits, and the US came very close to acquiring them. Here Yeltsin played the role of “great champion” for the Western colonization effort. Putin is not a communist, that much is clear, but he wants to stop this colonization, and seeks to reassert Russian power over its energy resources.

Therefore, in this context, we can speak of a struggle against a new colonial counter-revolution. We can speak of a struggle between the imperialist and colonialist powers — principally the United States — on the one side, and on the other we have China and the third world. Russia is an integral part of this greater third world, because it was in danger of becoming a colony of the West.

While I see the pertinence of the last two paragraphs you cited and find them quite convincing, I have a hard time following the first one. Almost all nations in Europe threatened each other of conquest, occupation, colonization or balkanization. But there is no common scale with colonization as the west did and do it. I am by no mean knowledgeable in the subject so take this as it is : curiosity more than criticism.

It’s mostly referring to Lebensraum: Nazi cultural views of the inferiority of Slavs, and Germany’s intent to settle slavic regions like the US did with Native Americans (per the writings of Hitler and other leaders). I’m not sure about the connection with earlier political entities, but the Nazis did have a goal of placing Slavs into work camps and filling their land with German settlers. Some generals wanted to go as far as the Yenisei River in Siberia and give the Far East regions to Japan.

There is no such thing as a “leftist nation”, and the idea is completely ridiculous. You cant classify countries with millions of people and many different interest groups on a right-left scale.

But you can classify the government.

And how much can you really know about the Russian government if you dont speak Russian? Only what English media tells you, no?

It’s crap, I can tell you that. My cousin studies in Moscow and came back for the summer. He visited us today and he was telling us how he hates it there because the entire system is messed up. He also kept saying there isn’t a more racist and Nazi country on Earth than Russia.

My cousin studies in Washington and came back for the summer. He visited us today and he was telling us how he hates it there because the entire system is messed up. He also kept saying there isn’t a more racist and Nazi country on Earth than USA.

I dont know your cousin, so this doesnt tell me anything. Which country does he like?

I didn’t ask him but I think he wants to move to Europe

Jesus Christ give it a break.

Sure, lets keep acting like we know everything and the rest of the world are idiots.

Not the rest of the world. Just you. You’re a fucking idiot.

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