Hey Comrades, Sorry for the clickbaity title but I was realizing something over the past couple days. I feel we are on the teeter totter of making or breaking for Lemmygrad. Due to the quarantine and silencing of anti-western perspectives, we have momentum going on in Lemmygrad! That’s great but, we should do better organizing to keep it running instead of just 1. Commenting with Leftist on Ukraine or 2. Politely circle jerking (I believe this is fine and builds solidarity but there’s much more we could do in and out of this bubble.)

When this war passes and we have nothing to solidly comment on, Lemmygrad will slowly evaporate, hell look at the activity pre-GenZedong quarantine. To combat this we need one community here to act as our artery for other communities, I don’t know like with the name, Club Hub or something. The “Join Community” area in the top right is cool, but it does not hold up at all. There’s communities that you’ll see and think “sweet!” but you click on 'em and they’re dead, and anyone subscribed is just twiddling thumbs waiting for someone to say something, and since no one does, that community with potential dies.

Now once we get this nucleus of communities set up, we could start populating more, well not necessarily niche, but not GZD level of areas. For example, I was thinking about something like a Gardening community: The most efficient and latest means of production for food; hydroponics, aquaponics, Microgreens, permaculture, cricket farming, mushroom farming, even traditional. Basically the things needed for a quality community farm, some overall knowledge for real world benefits and something maybe, let’s say, our less forefront type comrades could manage.

TLDR: Sorry if this is losing track but I guess what I’m saying is this: We wouldn’t be able to keep Lemmygrad alive or support needed but less “fun” communities, without a main community as infrastructure for organizing different areas to populate.

Oh wait just to make sure this gets the scene, just comment something instead of just upvoting, hmm what seems fun, okay how about “Oh Captain, My Captain!!” or something else


This might be a little overbearing, but I’m gonna go ahead and do it because your post convinced me of the importance of it.

Right now, when you sign up to lemmy, it defaults your view to Subscribed. So far pretty much everyone only subscribes to GZD, and doesn’t see posts from other communities. I’m going to change this to Local for all existing users, so that new and fun communities can grow.

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