While Lenin fought for a just and noble cause, and i applaud for most of the things he did, i do not applaud the 1 mistake he commited, making a 1 party government where most decisions are in the hands of a single person or a hanful of people. He accidentally made a new 1% when he did so, the country could have been in the hands of all the workers.

Please look up how the Soviet government was structured

Bruh. The “one party system” was more democratic than most western countries today


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Why did he move to the US and not the Soviet Union when he left Germany tho

probably easier

What’s that about his methods?

So was Tesla, and Langston Hughes. Just tell that to someone who says that only “stupid people support communism”


Fun fact Tesla always regretted not moving to the USSR.

“I often regret that at that time I chose the United States instead of Russia (Tesla came to New York on July 6, 7 - note MM). There was no difference then. In the meantime, with the advent of the USSR, everything has changed dramatically, it is now significantly different from the rest of the world. The newspapers are pouring shit on him, but those who come from there say amazing things. I was most intrigued by the Soviet system of science. Their scientists were provided with a salary and the necessary working conditions. They are free from daily obligations, focused exclusively on science. They don’t have to think about who will finance them. When the state is behind you, the socialist state, and not a rich man who can change his mind at any moment - that is reliable. I often think about going to the USSR, if only I were 14-15 years younger. I had the opportunity to go to Moscow, I have it now, but I am too old for such a big step.”


Damn, a Lenin “communism = soviet power + electrification of the whole country” + tesla combo would’ve been great. Looks like Tesla was in his 60s by the time of the Russian revolution tho.

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