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My whistle blowing of Lemmygrad’s future has already garnered us valuable progress, one of our admins, Muad’Dibber, has changed the default view of communities to local, and another of our admins, Camrada Forte, suggested us to repurpose /c/communism ‘s large subscriber base, then we wouldn’t have to waste valuable time and energy rallying on a new community. Now for those of you who don’t know why we are choosing to repurpose /c/communism it’s for two reasons: First, it already has the numbers. Second but more importantly, it is supposed to be the main hub of Lemmygrad. But… with its banner under the vague and redundant communism (on a communist site) it is a lake with algae in it. If we can repurpose /c/communism into a pipeline for other communities, it will be more akin to a basin atop a mountain feeding rivers into the valleys.

The Pipeline for Other Communities: With its numbers, we can kick off the first week or so by surveying the types of communities people would want on Lemmygrad. Once we have an idea of the most wanted communities, we could dig up ones that match who just need a boost, or create brand new ones. For example I wanted a Gardening community (this is kinda what started this whole thing) and what would you know, we have one! The Revolutionary Garden! But like me, there were many others who wanted a garden community without even knowing we had one.

So in this example what should we do? Well, we marked off the first and second boxes already: Is there a push for a specific community? (Yes!) If yes, does this community already exist or do we need a new one? (In a Gardening community, it’s the former). Now since it is a community that already exists we need to ask ourselves, what is this issue here? Is it a lack of posting problem, a numbers problem, an access problem, or is it a multitude of those problems? (Seeing with Lemmygrad’s current situation, most communities made pre-GZD quarantine are having a multitude of those issues. With TRG, it seems to fill a niche enough to have a consistent community just needs the numbers and exposure)

Some Other Things I Have Noticed While Working On This: People who are new to Marxism-Leninism, such as myself, are finding themselves unwilling to comment on larger communities. This could be a natural timidness, a fear of ridicule for a bad take, or just plain old reluctance till they feel educated enough. This is why even though we see large amounts of upvotes on posts (Don’t worry, I’m taking in secondary accounts) the actual commenters or posters in general, are the same couple of comrades we see again and again. Now how could repurposing /c/communism solve this issue. The easiest way to get someone talking is to ask them what they hate. The second easiest way to get someone talking is to ask them what they are passionate about. We are shooting for the second. So we are killing two birds with one stone. Communities will be made significant to support passionate comrades, and passionate comrades will support their significant communities.

The Actual Process: Now how are we going to start populating these communities? I have a concept in mind. After we have gathered or birthed wanted communities, we will prepare sort of an assignment list. In practice it’ll go something like this, let’s use the TRG still: It is Monday, Joe Schmo sees the weekly list of wanted communities stickied to the top of the former /c/communism. Joe scans the list and sees The Revolutionary Garden on there. Now, Joe could also have some other communities he would like to “brigade” but TRG is his favorite, (since he has been wanting a gardening community for a long time just didn’t know it existed, I know lots of projection here). Then Joe, knowing the plan to “brigade” the communities on this list on Sunday, starts researching his potential post for TRG. It is almost Sunday, Joe has decided he will post about the potential of Aquaponics (using fish poop to feed unsoiled plants in a closed system). Sunday comes and people from all over Lemmygrad wanting to get into TRG start posting what they have learned or made, etc. TRG grows with a new burst of subscribers, and more momentum. Then on Monday, the cycle repeats itself.

It doesn’t have to be Sunday of course, and there will be more communities to ”brigade” but this is what I have thought of. This will be the “Rallying Brigade” phase I was talking about. Your thoughts, guys?

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